‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Andi Dorfman’s Final Four Revealed!

the bachelorette andi dorfman

Last season, Andi Dorfman's hometown date with Juan Pablo Galavis was not exactly smooth sailing. Remember when poppa Dorfman wasn't as fond of the Pabs as we would have liked? This time around, on her own stint as The Bachelorette, we can't wait to see Andi be on the other side of the "meet the parents" inquisition. Luckily, Reality Steve has already broken down the season and released Andi's final four guys, and needless to say, we should get ready for some good conversations.

Spoilers are included below, so STOP READING if you don't want to know whose hometowns Andi will be visiting!

Still here? All right, here we go.

According to Reality Steve, Andi will be meeting the parents of the following bachelors ...

bachelorette andi final four josh chris nick marcus

Andi will be visiting Nick, Chris, Josh, and Marcus for hometown dates! She'll be flying to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to meet Nick's parents and spending time in his hometown brewery. Then she'll stay in the Midwest and visit Chris's family farm in Iowa. After that, she's going to spend the day in Tampa, Florida, with Josh, and will finish the week in Texas, meeting Marcus's parents.

Is anyone actually legitimately surprised by her final four? Three of the guys (Nick, Chris, and Marcus) have already had one-on-one dates, and all went really well. And Josh may not have had an individual day with Andi yet, but they've had some insane chemistry and super steamy make-out sessions that basically make him a front-runner too.

Plus, given that most Bachelors were chosen from the final four of the previous season's Bachelorette (Juan Pablo is the only exception, but we're choosing to forget all about that season), we're betting that one of these lucky dudes will be our next Bachelor. Start those applications now, ladies.

But in the meantime, that's not a shabby four Andi's got there. Between the romantic, the farmer, the shy one, and the athlete, she's definitely kept around a lot of the fan favorites. Best of luck narrowing it down, girl!

Read on to find out who Andi picks in the finale (warning: SPOILERS!).

What do you think of Andi's Final Four?


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Dede Palm

i hope CHRIS becomes the next bachelor.

Denise Moyer

I hope we dont get any leftovers for the next Bachelor...We really need someone from outside and a new face please...Just like it used to be when it was first aired....in love

nonmember avatar aimee

I know the final 2 but I won't dare say it :D

nonmember avatar wicked

Honestly? I am not feeling lots of love towards Andi. These fourvguys seem like stand up dudes. I feel sorry for them. This girl had major problems. You'll see..

nonmember avatar beth

the next bachelor

nonmember avatar RM

I must say, I am disgusted. Andi should be feeling really foolish right now. If she had actually listened to what Eric was saying, she would have avoided that entire dramatic blowout. These bachelor's and bachelorette's think those who come on this show to "date" them, should be so grateful. They are not allowed to express what they feel, or think -- only what the bachelor/bachelorette want to hear. Enough already. You're single for a reason. A relationship takes two. You will not always see eye to eye, which is what makes you individuals, and allows a relationship to grow. Andi, I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and say if you were not on the show, and knowing there were a dozen of other men swooning over you and praising you at every moment, you would have handled the conversation with Eric differently. Unfortunately, the fame, your ego, the show, got the best of you, and now you will have to live with your lapse of judgment for the rest of your life. I pray for Eric's family and friends.

nonmember avatar wicked

The Bachelor & Bachelorette franchise does not have the best track record for long lasting relationships. I can not even imagine what mind set one would have to be in to even consider this ab option for finding " true live". Good TV, but thus while premise snacks of loser desperation.. Sorry..

Lori Gwisdala


nonmember avatar Mardi

Why not Marcus he was hot! Caliente

nonmember avatar amanda

Andi is the worse bachelorette ever. Her performance with Juan Pablo showed her true character. Phoney! I'm glad she didn't pick Marcus or Chris. They are too good for her.

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