Ashley Hebert & J.P. Rosenbaum's Unusual Bedroom Photo Raises Eyebrows

J.P. rosenbaum ashley instagramFrom getting married on TV to keeping all of the social media sphere up to date on a growing baby bump, J.P. Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert have no prob putting their life out there. And thankfully, unlike some Bachelor franchise couples -- cough Sean and Catherine -- they tend to know when to pull back, too ... Except, well, maybe not recently!

J.P. may have very well crossed the line and overshared when he tweeted this kiiinda kinky pic ...

One little hashtag's all it takes to send eyebrows flyin' high! WHAT are these two up to?! Team Cupcake MUST be kiddin' around here. Surely, Ash's dentistry skills have nothing to do with their bedroom romps, right? Ouch.

Then again, whether J.P.'s joking or not, let's give the cute expectant couple a round of applause. No matter what they're doing to keep it hot, their chemistry looks as strong as ever. PLUS, sex during pregnancy can be challenging, whatever wild and crazy tricks the Rosenbaums wanna pull out to keep the spark alive, more power to 'em!

What silly things do you do with your partner to keep your chemistry alive?


Image via Ashley Rosenbaum/Instagram

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Linda Rose

Oh here you go AGAIN. Trying to drum up drama that is not even there…. The Bachelorette and Bachelor fan page… Are you connected to this because I see things posted from your site regularly..

There were annoyed people commenting on your post there… The pic was absolutely hysterical and folks on twitter thought it was hysterical…. You were serve yourself much better if you stopped all this drumming up of “garbage”… Do you even care??

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