George Clooney May Have Had Ulterior Motive in Proposing to Amal Alamuddin

George ClooneyGeorge Clooney's engagement seemed the ultimate romantic gesture until you think about the fact that maaaaaybe he had ulterior motives. Clooney has always had an interest in politics, and now it appears he very well might run for governor of California. After all, California likes to elect actors, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan. Life & Style reports that the Democratic party (you didn't think it would be the Republicans, did you?) is seriously considering George as their man for 2016.

A source said:

Democrats are looking for the perfect successor to [current governor Jerry Brown], and George is interested. He has it all: He’s a handsome movie star with a social conscience who has used his fame for human-rights causes

Erm, well, yes, it's very important to be handsome when you're governor! (??)

But as weird as it seems when California elects actors, it's not that weird. The movie industry is one of the biggest in the state. Why not elect someone who is part of the state's major industry, which employs hundreds of thousands of people?

But the Dem party is also impressed about something else -- the fact that ol' playa George is finally settling down. The source said:

They are thrilled George is going to be married, because they think a married George will be taken a whole lot more seriously than perpetual-bachelor George.

And I'm guessing George married to a brunette lawyer will be taken more seriously than George married to a blonde bombshell. It's just like the plot of Legally Blonde! In fact, the Dems reportedly called her a "dream" First Lady.

I'm not saying George doesn't love Amal Alamuddin, but sometimes timing is everything.

Do you think George would make a good governor? Do you think he proposed to Amal for this?

Image via Julien M. Hikimein/Getty



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Jodi Lauttamus

being that it happened so fast, one would have to wonder...

DeeMar05 DeeMar05

He's got my vote!!!! Lol :)


adamat34 adamat34

Doesn't surprise me. Would t be the first time someone did something like that . Won't be the last.

nonmember avatar me

Wouldnt be surprised if he did. If shes ok with it then no harm done good for you. I was wondering why he all f a sudden wanted to marry. Makes sense

nonmember avatar luann

Why can people not just wish them happiness? Why all these rumors and may be this and may be that?

nonmember avatar andie

Hmmm, how about maybe he actually fell in love with her? Why so much negativity??

youth... youthfulsoul

Really. I don't think people care anymore if candidates are married. Gavin Newsome was handsome and Unmarried and the mayor of San Francisco

nonmember avatar Jane Brennan

Of course! Was my first thought! Needs "the perfect wife" to run in politics! He found a smart Attorney - perfect! Bottom line - he is using her - I assume she knows......

leo2014 leo2014

AH!AH!AH! "He have had ulterior..." please use the correct word dear journalist: "He have had previous..." if not, all of us will not see: day yes day no news; stopping AA news (after becomes too controversial...) and started GC news even about his child days, the poor dyslexia he had (in fact this is very common problem in English language) all magazines from hometown, the power of his money, ... And now when people start to talk about some coincidences of this lady (her career and where she worked) been suddenly connected to him, now it's the democrats looking for a perfect (really?) candidate. And since when a perfect candidate needs to be married, with a lawyer, Arabic but very well trained in the UK and US, connected with highly sensitive cases? AH!AH!AH! American in is best...


nonmember avatar TheTruth

I'm sorry, but his fiancée is a bomb!! Not just a brunette lawyer. She's not missing a brick.

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