Justin Bieber's Second Racist Video May Be Even Worse Than the First (VIDEO)

Justin BieberJustin Bieber seems to have made his journey from moppy-haired Jesus-loving teen heartthrob to total stage five douchebag horribly complete. All we needed was video of Bieber using the N-word -- and we got it! Sure, Justin was 15 when he told some really stupid joke in which he used the N-word several times, but I'm sorry, who even uses that word at 15? And it's not like he was using it in the way I hear it so much now with the distinct "a" at the end, as another word for "pal," "friend," or "dude." This was old school N-word! So, that was bad enough, but Justin apologized. Now, however, The Sun, which released the first damning video, says it has yet another video that's even more shockingly racist than the first!

The Sun hasn't released the video but says in it he is singing his hit "One Less Lonely Girl" and changed the lyrics to "One Less Lonely N----." And then he reportedly jokes about joining the Klu Klux Klan and a girl laughs in the background. What?!

The Sun claims the video is recent, but a source tells Hollywood Life that the "KKK" part of the video is actually from the same time period as the first video. A source also told The Sun:

Unfortunately this is the devastating reality of how Justin has behaved and reveals his attitude toward such a deeply emotive subject. People need to see this. Normal kids in society do not make these kind of jokes. He is protected by a network of staff, but the camera doesn't lie. This is the real Justin.

Since Justin's reps point to his earlier apology as his latest statement on this second scandal, then it probably means the video all happened when he was 15 -- or at least he's trying to give that impression. But we won't know until we see it. (In other news, the person who got hold of the videos reportedly tried to blackmail Bieber for $1 million.)

Does Justin really harbor hate for African-Americans? Was he just a dumb kid using words whose import he didn't understand? Did he have racist inclinations in the past but is now a totally changed person? I hate to use the "some of my best friends are black" thing, but we all know Justin's best friends are black.

Teens do tell stupid jokes not understanding that they are unacceptable. Hell, one of my favorite jokes when I was young was one about domestic violence. I won't repeat it. But I don't take domestic violence lightly, believe me. It was just a dumb joke and I told it without thinking -- primarily because it was so shocking and I wanted a reaction. I definitely wouldn't want everything I'd ever said or done in a stupid, unthinking moment coming back to haunt me years later.

Or is Justin a little Donald Sterling? Coming across on the outside like one thing but behind closed doors completely another? Because one joke is one thing, but a pattern of using this word, and then talking about joining the KKK, well, that's another thing entirely! I just don't know what to think here.

Update: TMZ has published the video -- and it's just as cringe-inducing as you'd imagine. Justin was apparently 14 years old at the time. You have to wonder how Justin's career, which has been very much helped by African-Americans, including Usher, would have gone if they'd seen this before stepping up to guide him to superstardom.


Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Jennifer

For someone who acts "black" all the time, maybe we should snuff out his ignorant ass!

JLo1486 JLo1486

Calling black people AFRICAN Americans is stupid. Not all black people are from Africa. Political correctness is for the damn birds! Why the hell can't we just be what we are? People. Black, White, Fat, Thin, Brown hair, freckles, ect. Why does any of it matter?

lovelytm lovelytm

@JLo1486 Uhhhh ... did you miss the ENTIRE point of the article? He's not being hated on for saying African American. 

nonmember avatar sandy

First, those who correct the use of the term "African-American" are right: Not only aren't all black people African, they are not all American! But the core issue, Justin's "joking," is the bigger concern: With the initial news, and his apology, I was willing to chalk it all up to misguided youth and a lesson learned. But this additional info, even if again from his younger years, points to a more ingrained ignorance: the disgusting display of bigotry disguised as a "joke" not only reduces the serious problem of racism, it seduces other bigots into believing that their ignorance and prejudice is acceptable. Perpetuating racism in any way--be it through verbal or physical violence, or through music or jokes--is inhumane and plain wrong.

nonmember avatar Mark

He may not hate blacks but he certainly feels superior to them... That's just the way it is, if you disagree then just don't buy his music but throwing hate back at him won't change him. He might release nice PR statements but deep down he'll always feel superior to blacks... If not everyone. He's been treated like royalty since childhood, what do you expect?

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