New 'Teen Mom' Special Brings Back Some of Our Favorite Cast Members

Teen Dad cast

If you've been going through major Teen Mom withdrawal lately, then you'll definitely want to mark your calendar for this Sunday, June 8. MTV is airing a new Teen Dad special!

Yep! There were rumors going around a while back that Being Teen Dad was in the works, and now it's finally happening for real.

And the best part of the whole show is the fact that we'll have the pleasure of seeing some of our favorite baby daddies in action again, as it's made up of old cast members from Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.

Supposedly Ryan Edwards, Corey Simms, and Jo Rivera are definitely part of the show, and Adam Lind and Gary Shirley are likely to appear too.

As for what kind of drama the special will feature? Well, according to a description for the show, "Jo and Vee consider marriage; Corey works on co-parenting with Leah while having a wife; Ryan is ready to move out on his own."

Gee. Sounds major.

But in all seriousness, won't it be kind of cool to see things from the dads' perspectives for a change? We tend to get so focused on the moms on the show, to the point where we forget the dudes are going through their own set of challenges.

If nothing else, at least the special will give us a much needed fix to tide us over until the ladies return. (Counting down the days!)

Are you going to watch Being Teen Dad?


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nonmember avatar wicked

In a word, No! Most of these Teen Dad's with the exception of Corey & Gary have not been present or supportive in the lives of the Teen Mom & their children. If I watched them what kind of message does that send?

Ashleigh Hughes

I don't think this is a good idea.  I mean the boys do not give up as much as the girls do.  They don't have the struggles of the girls.  I think its a stupid idea.

nonmember avatar alyssa

Gary gave up quite a lot to be a dad to leah. Tyler gave up just as much as catelynn, they both gave their daughter up and struggle with that everyday. Corey gave up a lot to be a father. Jo had to give up being close to his son. I don't see how you can say they didn't give up as much as the girls. They gave up a lot as well. I think its a great idea so we can see how they are getting through their challenges. Watch it and you will see they gave up a lot as well as the moms.

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