Kendra Wilkinson's Mom Takes Their Feud to a Whole New Level of Low

Kendra WilkinsonEveryone has their fair share of drama, but when you're a reality television star in the spotlight, things can really get messy. Kendra Wilkinson's estranged mother Patti Wilkinson recently opened up about her fractured relationship with her daughter, and it's not pretty.

According to Patti, the two haven't spoken since October of last year, and she says that she has not only not been a part of Kendra's second pregnancy, but she also hasn't met her granddaughter Alijah, who Kendra gave birth to last month. This, of course, comes after Kendra's brother Colin Wilkinson slammed her pregnancy last year, calling her "inconsiderate" and "psychotic" in a Facebook rant.

Patti says that the last words she heard from her famous daughter were "I hope you die" after an explosive conversation that basically ended their relationship. She told Radar Online:

On the phone that day in October she did tell me she hated me, she called me all kinds of names. She ended it with ‘I hope you die.’ I wouldn’t tell my worst enemy I hope you die. Much less your mother.

But she would tell the world that her daughter said that?

If Patti really wants to repair her relationship with her daughter, the last thing she needs to do is continue talking to the media, especially about something personal like this that went down between the two of them. Giving an exclusive interview to Radar Online is definitely not going to heal the rift between them, so what's her motive here?

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And Kendra did just give birth to her baby. This drama mixed in with postpartum hormones is not what she needs when she has a newborn daughter to take care of at home. It feels more than low to resort to this.

While we don't know the whole story behind the scenes, and both women are likely at fault here to some degree, Patti continues to escalate things publicly, which just makes everything worse ... and that much more difficult to ever repair.

Are you surprised Kendra's mom would air their dirty laundry like this? 

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nonmember avatar DeeDee

It doesn't surprise me in the least. I'm sure Kendra said things she shouldn't have, but what did Patti do? A lot I'm sure. She jealous of her daughter. She's pathetic & craves attention, she probably got paid well for talking to Radaronline. If she wanted to fix things she could have fooled me!

Ellen Waltos

She was pissed at Kendra when she got pregnant with her son! sounds like Mom is a nut job!

kayba... kaybayblee3

I agree, she didn't seem too thrilled when she met up with her husband and got pregnant with Hank. Sounds like her brother shares the same feelings towards Kendra too.

nonmember avatar AryaMartell

I hate pulling the race card but it sounds like there's a bit of prejudice going on there too and that the family is offended Kendra chose to be with a black man. I mean even the way this woman structures her comments kind of sounds like she's beating around the bush.

Blood... BloodVampGal

No, I am not surprised one bit. Patti only wants some kind of attention, and her one track mind is to turn to the media, which is really pathetic if you ask me. There has to be a lot more Patti isn't saying, which is always the case. Plus Kendra is being the smart one, not turning to the press. Patti needs to keep her mouth shut, and learn some respect, and manners. There is always two sides to a story like this, but keep it out of the media for goodness sake's.

my_bo... my_boys2007

I don't have a close relationship with my mom,so i could mom judges me on everything.and sometimes I lose my cool.


This seems to happen a lot when famous people stop talking to their parents and even more so if the child suddenly becomes famous while not talking to their parents.

Jorie21 Jorie21

Bet the mom got paid for that interview. It's sad but whatever it is, keep it between the family. If Kendra wants to share, she will. Look at Angelina and Jon voight going public only fuels the fire. My husband and I have issues with family so we cut it out because no one should keep negativity in their life.

nonmember avatar missme

bull. Race card my butt! Her mom was pissed about baby hank, because she outed the pregnancy on t.v. Patti found out with the rest of the world and was hurt.

matti... mattiehatter

@missme That episode aired several weeks after it was filmed and that's not why she was pissed. It's probably best they keep their dirty laundry to themselves. Patti has said some horrible things in the past.

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