Ramona Singer May Finally Get Fired From 'Real Housewives of New York' (VIDEO)

Ramona SingerWow. The stories are all over the Internet today about The Real Housewives of New York City. Will it be canceled? Will half the cast be fired again? Will the fiance of Aviva Drescher's father George become a cast member? Inquiring minds want to know, and in today's exclusive video below, I've got ALL the dish. Plus, the reunion of True Tori on Lifetime, as well as fresh SPEIDI gossip -- because of course we can't get enough of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

In today's episode, I go deep into what may have happened with The Real Housewives of New York City. And I'm not going for the easy snark -- this is not about me nor any other FORMER cast member. Today I talk about who is on NOW, and what's going wrong.

Also, I was fascinated by a couple of things with Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott on the reunion of True Tori. From someone who has both filmed therapy for reality television as well as someone who has filmed with my children, I give you MY take on them filming with their children and airing their dirty laundry. Plus, of course, the whole is it real or fake argument.

Tori Spelling

Finally today, SPEIDI have a new job! Do you know what it is? I give you my predictions. Watch NOW!

Do you think Ramona should be fired? What about the rest of the cast?

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Images via BravoTV.com; Lifetime

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Disgr... Disgrazia4


That's it in a nutshell Alex,
RHONY- "It's not fabulous anymore, it's psycho!!"

As a viewer, I'm feeling used and abused by Bravo.  Do they think the majority of viewers want to see the direction the RHW franchises have taken? Are they trying to toss their old viewers for a grosser demographic?  Don't they already own Oxygen and the BGC franchises?  Do they hate women?

I really feel differently toward the RHW shows and BravoTV in general now.  Last night was a turning point for me.  It's no longer any kind of fun.  It's no longer must see.  I dread RHONJ.  Put a fork in it, I'm done and over it.

Karen Mitchell

The one thing that I disagree with you is they left Sonja. The ladies looked for Sonja and they sent her texts and she did not respond. Plus I do not like drunks funny or mean. George is disgusting and so is Ramona.

Peggy Jackson Hopp

Alex, I would like to request you include transcripts of your videos so that I could print them out and read them at my leisure. I often don't have time to watch videos during the day. Thanks for your consideration.

Calvin Right

Alex it was pretty psycho with you and Kelly on the show too lets not forget!

Barbara Girion

Alex MCord gives great reality comments and gossip! She is a smart lady , very classy loved her when she was on the Housewives --so her comments are particularly accurate! Keep it up Alex!

nonmember avatar wicked

Am I actually agreeing with Alex McCord the Quintessential Social Climber? Yes, I an pretty much o-v-e-r the RHW franchise. Sonja appears to be losing what is left of her mind. Ramona is mean & delusional. Aviva & her creepy pervert of a Father are repulsive to watch. I used to love NY. Love Luann, Heather & Carol.. Aviva needs to go. Ramona needs to be institutionalized. Sonja needs a life coach, a financial consultant and some psych meds..

Lynette Fairbanks

My husband & I over last few weeks, we both think all of the housewives shows are no longer entertaining to watch.If we are talking about firing some housewives, I don't think Romona should get fired, She is the only one who makes me giggle. Heather sems like genuinely nice person, but if she says "holla" one more time I'm going to have to change the channel. Aviva's father is the most disgusting person on any housewives shows. He is soooo oh just YUCKKKK! Sonja truly like she has gone totally nut ball crazy! she is just pitiful to watch. I loved Carol her first season. She was smart alouff and fun to hear her interviews and read her blogs, but she now has been sucked into housewife cra cra town and her intelligence and coolness is gone baby gone. Kirsten um well NO thank you. She is a whiny wuss. Why is she on national TV showing the ending of her ugly marriage??? At this point all I can say is housewives franchise needs to DIE. No fun anymore. Oh ya Atlanta housewives is awful and the way there highest paid housewife behavior is deplorable aka NeNe. Time to shut them ALL down. Thanks for doing these video's Alex. I dearly love you and your family!

Cindy Massey

RHWONY👎👎👎Don't like any of the new ppl on there, fire Kristen,Aviva(?) they are disgusting!😝😝😝

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