'19 Kids & Counting' Recap: Derick Dillard Proposes to Jill Duggar With the Sweetest Song Ever!

Jill Duggar and Derick DillardDerick Dillard officially wants more than “side-hugs” from Jill Duggar. Tonight, after agonizing whether the “bulge in his pocket” (minds out of the gutter ... I am talking about the ring box) would give him away, Derick Dillard put a sparkler on Jill Duggar’s finger on 19 Kids & Counting.

Of course we know Jill said “yes” and the wedding date is set for June 21. Still, it was nice to rewind the relationship so we could view the proposal in true voyeuristic fashion, right? I would have felt slighted if I didn’t get to watch Derick sweat it out pre-proposal. Call me sensitive but it’s the truth. (Duggars, FYI, my date card is completely free this month.)

Derick was nothing short of freaking adorable leading up to the moment he asked Jill to be his wife. He nervously asked Jim Bob for his blessing. He hired country musician Walker Hayes to serenade Jill with the most thoughtful song written about their love story. He practiced getting down on one knee. He invited his mom along to get Jill’s ring sized. He daydreamed.

“I went to bed last night, I was looking at the ring, laying there, holding it, thinking, Wow, I’m going to propose tomorrow to Jill, the most incredible girl ever,” said Derick. Meanwhile, Jill went shopping with her mom and sisters while on their book tour in New York and wound up trying on wedding dresses. They weren’t even engaged yet but both of them could not stop thinking about their future together. 

I am not going to lie. I was totally smiling when Derick proposed. Ear-to-ear smiling. A tear may have even creeped out of the corner of my eye. He was so sweet, sincere, and loving ... and Jill was positively beaming. They had to seal their engagement with a “side hug,” but it was obvious they wanted to kiss each other so bad. I can’t take how cute they are as a couple! I think Derick and Jill are the real deal. 

What did you think about Derick’s proposal?

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bills... billsfan1104

I don't have cable, I wish I can watch it.

lasombrs lasombrs

Is the show way behind on what airs? The wedding is in three weeks or June next year? I have never watched it though

N_mar... N_maricle

I think they are such an adorable couple.

swtga... swtgapeach8806

lasombrs- the show is way behind. wedding is in 3 weeks.

nonmember avatar Anna

The song was beautiful. They are so in love!

nonmember avatar Suzy

Cute proposal. Not a fan of the ring.

Toris... Torismom328

The show is behind but not that much. They had a very short engagement 

nonmember avatar Mary

Yes the show is behind.... He actually proposed to her in April here in Bentonville where I live... I have met them and even worked with Michelle, Jill & Jenna at a consignment event and even their huge sale they had... The children young or older are SOOOO well behaved and Michelle is an amazing Mother, Woman & Genuine Person... Best of luck to them...

nonmember avatar Sara

I love this show. I have followed the Duggers for years. Im so excited to see Jill engaged and soon to be Jessa. I wish Amy Dugger the best on her new adventure.

Lynda May Moran

I cried! This was the best proposal ever! I'd say it's definitely a love match made in heaven! These two are going to have a fun marriage!

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