Andi Dorfman's Final Conversation With Eric Hill Will Forever Haunt Her

Andi DorfmanAfter Monday night's explosive episode of The Bachelorette, in which contestant Eric Hill called Andi Dorfman out on her fakey-fakery, and she got very defensive and in his face about it, we have to wonder what she thought about the incident given that Eric died in a tragic accident not long after that.

Have no fear, because the 27-year-old assistant district attorney from Atlanta has chronicled her feelings on the matter in a blog post for People. As expected, this girl did not feel good about how things ended with Eric.

She wrote:

The rose ceremony was obviously extremely difficult, especially in light of the passing of Eric. In all honesty it is almost unbearable knowing that my last conversation with someone wasn't the best.

It's something that will always linger with me, yet it teaches me that life can be short and not every day is promised. Of all the things I thought I would learn from this journey, the preciousness of life wasn't one I expected to learn, but I did and I have Eric to thank for that. 

On Monday night's show, instead of airing the usual rose ceremony, Andi sat down with host Chris Harrison to discuss how Eric's death affected her and the whole Bachelorette family. Normally the pair would've had a chance to clear the air on the Men Tell All special later in the season, but that isn't happening this time.

"To be honest, the way Eric left and my last conversation with him is not ideally the last conversation that I would want to have with somebody," she admitted. "I can't have that [other] last conversation with Eric. I can say I feel like if I had that last conversation with him, he'd probably say something, I'd probably laugh, and it'd be water under the bridge. But unfortunately, we don't get to have that last conversation, and that's a tough pill to swallow."

I hope she also learned that life's too short to be fake, closed off, hypocritical, and generally act like a "TV actress." It seems like Eric's the kind of guy who knew that.

Do you think Andi wishes now that she had given Eric another chance after he called her out?


Image via Andi Dorfman/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Jon

Why does Eric Hill's brother during his interview smile and look mischevious when talking about his brother's death? Why does his sister say she smiled watching the show? Something is weird here!!! I suspect a fake death... nodisinfo com explains that in general. Nothing is sacred anymore, not a baby like in the neighbors where they show disgusting acts like it eating a condom, not even death. esoterickitten2 webpage explains hollywood secret society well but this is beyond anything I could have imagined. They even sensationalize the death and talk about Andy and the show, the hometown dates, and say the guy won't be on 'Men tell all'!! Is that appropriate?
Who cares if is doesn't show on your 'show' - the poor man if he truly passed on is dead and you are talking about it like its a movie.

nonmember avatar wicked

All families grieve differently. If you lose a family member and the last photos or video tape you have of them is a Reality TV program? I suppose if you believe in the celebration of life, then one would watch their loved one having fun on a totally opulent TV show. Why not? It is what it is!

nonmember avatar Denise

Jon: Very Rude and insensitive!! I personally know Eric's entire family. I have known them for 34 year!! Each person grieves differently. And why would you say or think they actually made this up? WTH? He did in fact die tragically in a paragliding accident!! I feel sorry for his family. And Andi I'm sure probably feels like if that conversation and him leaving then he would still be alive.

nonmember avatar JoAnnA

R.I.P. Eric Hill. :(

Roberta Howard

I am sure that Eric Hill did in fact die in a tragic accident.. RIP Eric.. SOOOOOOOOOOOo sad that we continue to debate this and not allow him to RIP... Andi is the one who will live forever with her actions and word.. I think that Eric made his point.. Let her live with that. The rest of us STOP debating it and move on...

nonmember avatar Diana B

Lets just move on, She did the same thing with Juan Pablo, On the Bachelor. Eric's death is very sad and I say a prayer for his family. Move on and get this season over with.

Sandra Blake

I think he was the strange one on their last encounter.  She did what she had to do.  No sense in regrets.  She should not feel guilty.


Viv Lee

I think Eric Hill  told Andi what he believed to be the truth. She has to live with the fact that she took offense and sent him home. Still baffles me that a seemingly intelligent young woman with a law degree from a top notdh law school would waste her time on such a mindless endeavor.

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