Andi Dorfman Acts Like a Total Hypocrite After 'Bachelorette' Backlash (PHOTO)

Andi DorfmanRemember last night on The Bachelorette when Eric Hill called Andi Dorfman out on her fakey fakeness, and she got all defensive, and we realized that Eric is awesome and then we cried not just because the beauty of someone as annoying as Andi getting called on their crap, but also because we remembered that Eric tragically died, and the world truly lost a spectacular human being? Remember that? OK good.

Because little Miss I Am Totally For Reals is possibly one of the biggest hypocrites evah. She posted a picture on Instagram that shows she has no problem with fakery, even after getting totally defensive with Eric when he called her out on it.

She posted this one of her on a basketball court in skinny pants (I can't tell if they're leggings -- please don't let them be leggings. Leggings are not pants. Amen.) and a jacket, holding a ball and making a face at the camera. She captioned it, "If you can't be the part, at least try and look the part #thebachelorette #wnba"

Andi Dorfman

So let me get this straight. After screaming at Eric when he dared to call her a "TV actress" she posts a picture and brags about acting like something she's not. At least try and look the part. In other words, fake it 'til you make it. Which isn't wrong in itself, but why did she totally lose it with Eric?

Talk about double standards.

Do you think Andi's being a hypocrite?


Image via Andi Dorfman/Instagram

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arose74 arose74

You're really reaching.

Jacee... Jacee2348

In my opinion, that entire scene was scripted and therefore they were both acting. That's what the biggest majority of this show is! Drama, drama, drama. Yet I love watching it... :)

nonmember avatar mdavis125

Most annoying self absorbed bachelorette in the entire history of the show....not a fan this season!

nonmember avatar wicked

I wouldn't date Andi. She is combative, self absorbed and disingenuous. She is a prosecutor. She argues for a living. Next! I feel sorry for the guys this season.

Pamela Wright Bruinsma

Yes of course remember how angry she was that Juan Pablo didn't ask her any personal questions regarding life, kids, religion, etc. Eric opened up to her and she offered nothing in return. Keeping her "poker" face on.

Sandra Blake

I think they all are.  And I dont believe Eric was all there either.

nonmember avatar Diane

I believe Eric was being sincere. You could tell she was really angry. How dare someone insults her! I think it was tacky for that scene to be shown period. They will do anything for ratings.

Diane Marjanovic

She is exactly what Eric said she is... She is being an Actress. She makes a living "acting" in the courtroom. She is argumentative with the men in her life. She did this with Juan who was not one of my favs either but I thought Eric was trying to talk to her about what he was feeling. She was not in to him and she attacked when he spoke the truth. Can you imagine having a relationship with someone argues for a living!! LOL I missed my calling! I really am a Lawyer.. I just didn't realize it!

nonmember avatar Mcrews

Why is this page so anti Andi. I have yet to see a problem with anything she does. Her "stopppp" was barely noticeable to me and Eric was totally offensive to me. Posing for pictures & calling oneself a poser is completely different from being fake about their emotions.

Elaine Elliott

Eric called it right she is phony did not like her last time and don't like her now...

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