Charlie Hunnam's '50 Shades of Grey' Confession Is VERY Suspicious

Charlie Hunnam

After months of staying silent on the issue, Charlie Hunnam is speaking out on playing Christian Grey -- a role he reportedly "dropped out of" last year due to scheduling conflicts or whatever.

Fans were pretty shocked when he was cast in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, but honestly, we were equally as surprised when he chose to give up what could have very well been the role of his career. We've all been dying to know what exactly happened.

And based on his comments about his departure from the film, it sounds like there might have been something fishy going on.

Check out what he told Life & Style:

I felt like I had an interesting take on that character and felt like I could have done a good job of playing Christian Grey, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken it on in the first place. When you put the time into something like that and a character comes alive in your mind, it’s heartbreaking not to be able to play him [...] It was definitely kind of heartbreaking having to say goodbye to that character and not bring it to life.

Huh. Am I the only one reading between the lines here? Because if I didn't know any better, I'd say it sounds like Charlie just admitted that he wanted to portray Christian's character in a particular way, which didn't match up with what producers had in mind. And since he couldn't put his own spin on the role, he either gave it up, as was reported -- or maybe he was "politely" asked to step down?

Again, maybe I'm taking his words out of context, but it just seems like this is a role he desperately wanted to play. Why in the heck would he give it up so quickly after accepting it?

Something just doesn't quite add up here ... am I right?

I guess we'll have to wait and see how Jamie Dornan fares in the role before we decide whether Charlie would've been the better man for the job. But judging from what he had to say about the film, it sure sounds like he believes he was the right choice for Christian Grey.

Man. It's really gonna suck for him to have to sit there and watch the film knowing it could've been him on screen.

Are you still disappointed that Charlie is not in the movie?


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nonmember avatar Krystian Kaufol

As reported...which means not true......

He didn't have the time to do it because he wanted to spend time with his grieving mother during the holidays.

Elvere Lathouwers

I'm glad he's not in the movie. I think Jamie is a much better fit!

nonmember avatar Sally

He made THE right decision. He will go far even if hw doesnt come out in the 50 shades movie. He is still handsome,,,.

Angie Fournier

No, I'm glad it's Jamie Dornan the Christian Grey # FSOG

nonmember avatar disgusted

I bet it was that damn director she wanted the whole movie to be her way. So she could reenact her life, because Dakota does look like her.

nonmember avatar Riki

I dont think Jamie is that great of a fit, but I have to see the movie to really determine that. I would rather see Charlie as Christian.
Ian somerhalder will always be my true Christian Grey!!

nonmember avatar so sad

Charlie would've been awesome as Christian Grey. I was sooo bummed out when I found out he had stepped down from the role. I'll still be watching the movie on opening day but I'll always wonder what if...

nonmember avatar Rachell

I dnt like either actor. I think the guy that plays the lead in The Family That Preys should play Christian.

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