Kate Middleton’s 'Insensitive' Behavior Angers Hollywood

kate middletonDespite her glorious bum, Kate Middleton has pissed off a lot of people. The Duchess recently took her shiny locks to the Dorchester Hotel in London, which currently is in hot water, due to the fact that its owner, the Sultan of Brunei, recently passed strict anti-gay laws in his country. Celebs across the globe, from Anna Wintour to Stella McCartney, are boycotting the famous British hot spot, because, well, ew. But not Kate. And people aren't happy.

Kate reportedly snuck into the hotel on Friday via the building's underground parking garage in a blacked-out people carrier, accompanied by about nine police protection officers. She met her parents, Carole and Michael, brother James, and sister Pippa there for the wedding of her first cousin, Adam Middleton. After news broke that the Duchess broke the Hollywood code, people took to, where else, the Internet to express their outrage. "How can anyone go to The Dorchester knowing it is owned by a man who has brought stoning to Brunei?" Maryam Namazie, founder of the Council for Ex-Muslims, told HuffPost UK. "It's particularly offensive when it is done by those in the public eye like the Duchess of Cambridge, who should be setting an example rather than ignoring."

Of course what the Sultan of Brunei has done is disgusting, but Kate was put in a really tricky spot here. It was the wedding of one of her first cousins. If she didn't go, she wouldn't have been supporting him. I have no doubt that Kate objects to the sultan's beliefs, and I don't think she was supporting him by attending the biggest day of one of her close family members' lives. If she went to the Dorchester on a random date night with Wills, it would be a little gross, but I don't think she should be vilified for attending a wedding. 

She may be royal, but she's still got family obligations.

Do you think Kate was wrong to go to the Dorchester?


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Lucki... Luckicharmz

Well for 1. She's not a part of Hollywood, so stop putting her in the same melting pot 2. Yeah bad location, but as was mentioned it was for a family wedding. How is that her fault?

Happy... Happydad73

This is all about the gay agenda in Hollywood. If it were a similar law against living together before marriage or adultery or a whole host of other things (which by the way are actual laws) there would not be this out cry. Its simply because this is their pet cause and they want to shame anyone who is not on board with their plan.

Anita Dalton

Leave the lady alone...I don't set my life according to what other people do or don't do. Do I agree with what happen, no but you people need to find other ways to express yourselves...


Marilyn McWilliams

for goodness sakes will you leave the woman alone before the media gets her killed too...don't you people ever learn anything....if she wants her hair done, let her get her hair done. Just because she went into a building doesn't mean she agrees with every bloody value the owner does!! Holy people get a life and leave hers alone...you want dirt to write take a look at her mother in law..Cow Camilla shit load of crap there for sure...and she will NEVER be Queen...Catherine WILL!

nonmember avatar Dalia

I agree. It was for a family event. Of course she would be there for her cousin and with her family.

And even if there was no family event and some other occasion, why boycott a whole location/franchise/etc. just because the owner is against certain beliefs? How can we preach freedom of speech and choice if we pounce and boycott those that have different beliefs? So he is anti-gay...so what? That is his right. And Duchess Kate is free to go where ever she pleases and not based on what popular beliefs should be.

I apologize if I offended anyone. I don't mean to offend anyone, just putting my point of view out there.

Donna Palardy

As the mother of a gay son I would be upset if she did not go...Hat off to Kate you are doing a wonderful job.

nonmember avatar Kat wick

I'm sick and tired of gays and Hollywood forcing their lifestyle on everyone trying to make the world thinks it's OK to do whatever you want with no morals whatsoever. Get over yourself Hollywood and the gay community. I don't have to do what you say, think how you think and accept what you say to accept. You'll meet your maker one day and have to answer for your choices. Rock on, Kate. I applaud you.

Lynn Golden

I think she's taking it all in stride! She is a breath of fresh air in a world full of hate! Sometimes the media is cruel and harsh! She's adorable in my mind! I guarantee you that if the press worked on reporting all the good in her, they'd not get a day off!! She's a positive face among the Royalties!! And I for one appreciate that! The press may rain on her parade, but she overcomes and reigns in beauty!!

Mita Santos

she must not be faulted in going there as it was a family social obligation!

Fran Davey

No I don't think Kate has made a mistake going .Kate can not dictate were others get married and she was doing her duty to her family.Please leave the young lady alone.Havent we seen the press pressurize others and had dreadful endings to it. Give Kate some space to live her life .

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