‘The Bachelorette’ Episode 5 Bumped Back a Week & Here’s Why

andi dorfmanJust as we were getting sucked into Bachelorette Andi Dorfman's drama -- record scratch! We get this unwelcome announcement: Episode 5 of The Bachelorette is getting bumped -- to Monday, June 16. But we were just getting to not like Andi! In a good way, I mean. The show was getting juicy, with Eric Hill calling Andi out on being "TV Actress" McFakey Pants. We're dying to find out if Andi does some soul-searching and lets someone on the show see her true self -- or if there ain't no soul there to search for at all. We'll have to wait, and it's all because a much stronger, more powerful woman is shoving Andi out of the way.

Next week's Bachelorette will be replaced with a special interview with former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Hey Andi, let Hill show you how to be a badass and your most authentic self. Isn't that deliciously ironic? After all that noise we've made about Andi being so tough and assertive, she gets knocked out of her slot by someone way tougher than she'll ever be. I just ...

Okay, fine, I'm a nerd.

Anyway, the ABC schedule still has The Bachelorette airing in the 8-9 p.m. ET/PT slot, it just won't be a new episode. Maybe they'll do an encore episode? It's probably not sneak peeks behind the scenes or anything fun like that or they'd be hyping it.

What they could have done with that time slot is have the guys all sit around gushing about how perfect Andi is and how they can't possibly find a single flaw in her. Oh wait, that's every episode. Could the guys possibly BE more fake about their adoration of Andi? Okay, we get it -- you all want to win.

We'll see who pulls ahead of the pack on June 16. Sadly, we know Eric will leave us. We hope someone else has the nerve to push Andi to show her true self.

What kind of Bachelorette recap do you think ABC will air next Monday?


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Patty Walsh Barrett

Your articles are so negative and catty. You sound like a miserable person. Just shut-up and let us fans enjoy the show.

Elizabeth Nazarchyk

And for the record Eric died. So I guess you didn't watch the show. 

Ada Rossi

they r going to show Eric telling Ali off again YAWN!!!!

Carol Cromer

I thought it deliciously ironic that Andi got called out on her "fake" behavior, which is pretty much what she did to Juan Pablo.  She then got defensive with what Eric said; Juan Pablo just said "OK" and tried to apologize.

Sharon Morley

I am not in favor of Hillary pushing another show off air so she enjoys prime time exposure without another candidate getting equal time, because she has not announced and is force feeding herself to viewers BEFORE she Does announce. I want a female president but am getting tired of Hillary and the manipulation of prime time TV.

Lorie Cooke

well we are all forgetting she is a proscuting attorney?? YES they all may Be an ASS of a "NO IT ALL"

Justsayn........ SO Andi is eas on the ees, but being called ut was to me a total Mis-understanding, I think Eric whom is now gone, and will never be able t telll his side, was telling Andi something that she took all wrong, I may be wrong myself but this is what I got out of that show........... But again, she is very prett, she ma be a good catch, However I am sure she will pick the 1 where asx she will wear the pants in that relatinship.......... RIP ERIC~~~~~~ I do Like Andi very much, I am also enjoing the show this yr I hope they choose my son next r thugh.. ahahah YES I do..... and to the writer, U are ver NEG. and I totally agree let the peeps enjo the show tis r some of us do like her, in a quirky way!!  ;)good

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