'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Might Be Losing One of Its Biggest Stars

Kardashian family

Whoa. As if the show isn't already desperate enough for ratings, there's a rumor going around that a leading lady may quit Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which would no doubt make it even less appealing to tune in for.

Are you believing this? I mean, can you honestly imagine what the show would be like without each and every single member of the cast? Each one of them adds their own special element of drama that simply can't be replaced, so this could prove to be pretty devastating for the series.

Ok, ok -- I'll spill.

In case you hadn't noticed, Kendall Jenner's modeling career is really taking off. It's not like she needs to keep herself attached to her famous fam to have a successful career -- and she certainly doesn't need a reality TV show to keep herself in the spotlight. Yep. Kendall might be cutting ties with KUWTK for good.

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Being a model has to be a lot more satisfying work, right? Oh come on, don't you think strutting her stuff on the runway is more appealing than being followed around by camera crews all the time?

In a recent interview with E!, Kendall said of her life as a model, "I get more and more comfortable with everything. It's fun though, it's the world I wanna be living in, so it's awesome."

Hmm. Do you see what she did there? She referred to modeling as "the world I wanna be living in ..." which means she must be planning on saying goodbye to the TV side of showbiz, right?

And honestly, if she is truly planning on leaving Keeping Up With the Kardashians after season 10, no one can really blame her. How is she going to make a name for herself that's separate from the rest of the crew if she doesn't break free from them fairly soon? Regardless of whatever they all do in their respective careers, they are kind of lumped together into one group. Kendall will never be taken seriously as a model if she doesn't distance herself a bit.

(Just look at how much heat Kim Kardashian took for being on the cover of Vogue.)

Leaving the show might be the best thing that ever happened to her, especially if it helps her establish herself as her own brand, which is pretty much a necessity in the modeling world.

But if she does really say goodbye to reality TV, you know she's going to have quite the fight on her hands as far as Kris Jenner is concerned. There's no way she's going to let any of her daughters do something that might be detrimental to the show if there is any way she can prevent it, so Kendall had better be ready to go down swinging.

Do you think it's a good move for Kendall to leave KUWTK


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nonmember avatar wicked

Kendell Jenner would not even be in the model radar if it wasn't for her Mother or the celebrity of her family. Man, Kris Jenner has secured income and opportunities for her children. These Kids will never Jace to eat Raman noodles or boxed Mac'n cheese. Thus family is an empire due to Kris Jenner's promotion & business savvy. OK, after Kendell flues solo, breaks away from the family and pisses away her money? She will be back groveling & kissing up to Mamagent! She'll be back.. They always go back home sooner or later..

nonmember avatar call_me_ishmael

Part I of II

Go Kendall-get out from under Kris' thumb! Go to NYC & immerse yourself in modeling scene (just don't descend into drugs and madness a la Gia).

Meet new people, see new places, eat new foods, learn new languages: experience a different kind of life-find yourself a REAL agent and manager. Unless your mom strutted her stuff as a runway model (doubtful, even after her 40+ plastic surgeries-peels, fillers, collagen & Botox not included) & if she doesn't have extensive experience & vast experience with the fashion industry, you need to drop her. Currently, her biggest talent-promising club owners Kim, et al will appear & slut it up at their establishment (in return for a fat fee- and, by her own admission, Kris gets 10% off the top. In the old days this would be called prostitution for the monied class (women throwing their daughters at wealthy land owners). We all know that it is not any different in our era, but have better words and nicer ways to lie about it.

Get out, Kendall. Also, as soon as she's 18, steal your sister away. Take her where you've decided to put down roots or make sure she goes to college 3000 miles away from California. Kris won't be happy, but her happiness is not your responsibility. You owe nothing more to this woman - she's already cashed in off of you plenty. Any conceivable debt has been paid several times over.

nonmember avatar call_me_ishmael

Part II of II

Worst of all is how Kris treats your father. In that entire house, he was told to keep his stuff in an area less than the square-footage of a prison cell - in the garage. This is telling - it shows how much Kris is willing to change to accommodate others. If you don't stay inside the tiny box she created to make her life convenient, the amount Kris will do to accommodate the rest of the world is almost nil. Anything not conforming to her worldview immediately gets ignored or thrown away..

My suggestion to Kendall? Move East, become a supermodel and get rich. Then when the time comes to build your own home make sure that you create a room with the exact same dimensions of that timy space your father was given in the garage. 20 years from now, when Kris can no longer take care of herself, move her in - but move her only to the tiny room. Karma dictates that she dwell within the prison cell right off the garage for a spell. In fact, make her sleep there every time she visits you. It will be the perfect wake-up call for people who are so egotistical they believe they can impose their will upon the world & control everything.

That said, I doubt Kris would be able to accept that particular reality and a padded room in a long-term care facility will probably be where she ends up. Sadly, the space will probably be larger than the closet your Father was forced to experience daily for years - but at least she'll finally be where she belongs.

nonmember avatar suzanne collins

I love the words you so eloquently put together the poor man is turning into a woman because he has no say in is all female world poor guy will probably pick a name stsrting with a K stuff Kris K in a room and throw away they key.......runs yiung Jenner girls run fast and fsr!

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