'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Heather Dubrow Needs to Get Over Herself NOW

Heather Dubrow is mad on Real Housewives of Orange CountyThere was a time I'd defend Heather Dubrow to the hills and back. That time has drawn to a close. I still think H-Dawg is classically gorgeous, very intelligent, and funny in a way that's unique in Housewives-world. But the way she's treated newcomer Shannon Beador has been completely unpalatable. Tonight's episode was just more proof of what I've long suspected -- Heather's developed a victim complex. She has also lost the ability to blink, which is terrifying. 

She summoned Shannon for a tete-a-tete. It was one of the terrible and chilly Housewives meetings. The restaurant was empty, and while no food was seen to be consumed, there was booze -- and thank God for that. Shannon respectfully tried to express what was bothering her about her few interactions with Heather. Fair enough. Then it was Heather's turn. That's when everything got ugly. 

Heather refused to accept any responsibility for the awkwardness and tension between them. Rather than own up to ANY role in it, she tried to explain that how Shannon saw things was "just her perception." Implying that what Shannon saw ... wasn't what really happened? Shannon looked as flummoxed as I felt. 

I don't know what about Shannon has put Heather's nose so out of joint. Wait. Yes I do. She's threatened by Shannon and David's wealth. Until Shannon rolled into the scene, Heather was queen of all! But now here's Shannon, and she's not just wealthy -- she's pretty, well, blase, about it? Gotta say, Shannon lives her life in a way that makes Heather seem ... kind of new money?

It's really a shame (that's a lie, I don't actively care because these are not women I know and also this is a TV show) that the two women continue to butt heads. Because if we learned nothing else from their Holiday photo shoots (and we did not), they are more similar than either party would care to admit.

Are you team Shannon or team Heather?


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Kathy Katie

Team Shannon! Heather is the most obnoxious character on television, and I believe she needs intense psychological help. She has a persecution complex combined with an inability to accept that she is ever wrong-despite her phony claims that "she is not perfect". Heather absolutely believes she is perfect and despite the fact that she believes she is at all times polite, and a lady, I find her to be rude, hurtful, and a bold-faced manipulative liar. I can't stand her! I wish I were on the show for 10 minutes so that I could put her in her place. Her poor, long-suffering husband won't put up with her for much longer.

MileyWHO MileyWHO

I think a lot of Heather's problem is she is OCD. She can't let anything rest without ripping it apart (being late to her ridiculous self serving ho-down). She talks a subject to death until the poor listener agrees just to shut her up. I used to like her but now she is showing her true self.

Cheri Hays Espersen

Heather needs to get the stick out of her Ass.... Her and her husband Terry are all about what they have and yes they do look down on people literally!!!!!

Julie Holt Martin

Team Shannon....Heather needs to pull that stick out of her ass....

nonmember avatar Beverly

Team Shannon! Love Shannon! Even though she's wealthy & beautiful, she's very sweet & down to earth. Money doesn't define her as it does with Heather. I used to really like Miss Fancy Pants but she is so condescending & flat out rude lately and she will not admit she was wrong about anything-disgusting. You could just feel her jealousy when she saw Shannon's home! Seriously Heather, aren't you rich enough! Shannon is awesome but she needs to chill out with her gorgeous, sweet husband. He can't do anything right to you. He's funny & sweet-let him be & laugh with him once in awhile or you are headed for certain divorce. Love her though!!

Tresa Pulley Bozell

I love Shannon! Up until this season, I've liked Heather but she has been obnoxious and whiny. It's geting old, fast.

nonmember avatar wicked

Heather is a classic pathological narcissistic personality. I just can not get over what an accomplished liar Heather is. Her fantastic accounts of her fictional encounters with the other women is bizarre and a tab bit.unsettling. My main knee jerk response is Poor Terry!

Shannon is honest, fun loving and a bit eccentric. She is well educated and well raised. Old Money. Heather acts like she believes someone from old money acts. Shannon is the real deal. Heather is a fraud and is panicking. Shannon is what Heather was to Alexis. Alexis pretended and wanted to live like Heather. Heather is jealous of Shannon. Heather could never be Shannon.

They are all neurotic and self absorbed however, Heather is voted housewife most likely to boil a bunny this season. She is so Single White Female with Shannon. Watch out for Lizzie! She is T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!

Marilynne Dwire

Team Heather,. I know these two are meant to be a couple, though. They are toooo much alike.
Here's VickI!out of bed

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