'Bachelorette' Recap: Eric Hill Exposes Andi Dorfman for What She Really Is

Andi Dorfman Eric Hill

Uhhhh ... it may have started off as a total snorefest, but can I just say, "HOLY DRAMA on The Bachelorette tonight"?!?

Damn. Ever since Andi Dorfman's season started, it's been painful to watch her dates and one-on-one time with Eric Hill, given that we all know how tragically his journey on this Earth wound up ending. And I think it's safe to say we're all so impressed with what a gem of a guy he is, especially after how real he got with Andi at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony.

You guys? When he called her out for being a "TV actress" versus a normal, real chick -- I about fell off the couch.

He hit the nail right on the head. Honestly I can't tell if Andi's crocodile tears were due to the fact that she truly felt hurt and insulted, or whether she realized that Eric is probably the only dude on the show who saw her for what she really is -- fake as hell.

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I'm sorry, as much as I want to like her, something about her rubs me the wrong way, and obviously the same was true for Eric. Have you ever noticed how she's all confident and bad ass until a dude doesn't 100 percent agree with her on something? Exactly. She gets all defensive and weird -- because she's clearly not as strong as she wants everyone to believe. Oh, and why was it ok for her to voice her true feelings to Juan Pablo, but then when Eric did the same thing, she totally freaked out? Talk about being hypocritical.

And honestly, even when she sat down with Chris Harrison to talk about Eric's sudden passing, she seemed less than genuine to me. You know, almost like she was sitting there saying what we all expect her to say for the sake of good reality TV. (Wait ... what?)

If anything, seeing Eric have the confidence to express his concerns to Andi only makes it even more difficult to accept what happened to him. As Chris Harrison said, he will be missed for sure.

Do you think Andi is being fake with the men on The Bachelorette?


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youth... youthfulsoul

I think she was a horrible choice. In fact so bad, I just can't even watch this season. 

nonmember avatar Vandee

So shocked at Andi's behavior toward Eric. He was being open and she couldn't take it. I was so excited about this season and am now disappointed and turned off by Andi's personality. Just because she's tired this makes her a great (better?) person than the guys? She is a control freak for sure. Thus also makes you wonder what really happened between her and Juan Pablo. He must have felt somewhat vindicated tonight.

nonmember avatar jasmine

Yes, I thought she was just really fake. Eric was trying to be real with her and she didn't get it. He wasn't saying he didn't like her, he was saying she was not being genuine. I thought the short interview after the show was also strange. She seemed so fake.

nonmember avatar Margaret

I think that Andi has an edge to her that is hard to watch. She was sort of funny when she was rappelling down the building and said her mom is nicer. She told Eric he had a "wall" up, and he said that she had a "poker face." He did add the statement about her being a "TV actress." She should have been less defensive and taken the criticism with more grace and accepted that he was stating the truth.

Rena Keller

Andi was much too harsh with Eric Hill. He was a nice guy who had a right to his opinion. Very disappointing.

nonmember avatar Kat

Here's what was going on with Andi & Eric.

Eric was a good guy, there to find love, and I think he had very strong feelings for Andi right away. He clearly thought there was more between them than there actually was. Maybe a little bit of a Clare thing going on there (I liked Clare, so that's not an insult.)

Andi wasn't into Eric. She wanted a way to make it seem like her reason for letting him go was that it's HIS problem. This could have ended with a simple rose ceremony, but she stirred up drama, and two days later he realized what she was doing.

Here's how to decode Andi: If she's making this face 8( you know she's being fake.

Andi is a TV actress. Plain and simple. I do still believe she wants to find love and be married. But she was horrible to Eric in this situation. She knew she wasn't feeling it with him and rather than be honest, she turned it into "this is his problem, not mine." This could have ended in a simple rose ceremony, saying she hopes he finds the one, but no. I hope she regrets how immaturely she acted with Eric. I hope she realizes that you can't just use people and expect to say sorry later. I also hope she is able to move forward from this experience and become a better person for her future husband.

Marcus is my favorite, but I am pretty sure Josh and Andi are meant to be. They just have the best chemistry and I could tell he was in love with her from week 2.

Xxxgrl Xxxgrl

She's SO annoying, I can't stand her. Everything she bitched at JP about, she's  doing the same stuff. I was hoping that when she made her little dramatic speech about, "if y'all think I'm fake, there's the door", they would all just walk out. That would've been awesome :)

nonmember avatar LvUrRecap

I can't believe she pulled that stunt with sweet Eric. She definitely has two sides to her and they're both ugly. She picks who she decides to be "friendly" with depending on her level of comfort with a man. What a terrible person we're watching.

nonmember avatar guest

Andi should not have been the bachelorette. She was the one that was so rude when Juan Pablo may not be so into her and she needed to criticize him for not taking more interest. All others can be eliminated without putting out Andi's negativeness. She will call out any man who may slightly disagree with her. So sad for Josh Murray who has proposed to her. He will be defeated by Andi!!!

Johanna Woehrle

Andi was definitely not my choice for Bachelorette this year, but that's water under the bridge. I don't like the double standard between the guys and Andi. Each contestant is supposed to "open up," but the bachelorette doesn't have to. She doesn't talk about her life, her career, her dreams, her family, but the guys are supposed to. She called Eric out for not opening up, but when he puts her on the spot because she has a "poker face" I think she took it the wrong way. I'm rooting for Chris, but she probably won't go with him in the end.

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