Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Spark Pregnancy Rumors With Suspicious Photo

Tyler Baltierra, Catelynn LowellCan Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell please just confirm or deny their pregnancy already? They're driving us bonkers by keeping us in the dark! The Teen Mom stars confirmed they were trying to conceive baby number two, and Cate's mom and brother reported that they were indeed knocked up, but this couple will. Not. Confirm.

Instead, they like to do infuriating things like tease us with pictures of Catelynn's upper torso, cut off just where a baby bump might be showing. It's been weeks, if not months, since we've seen a hint of Catelynn's midsection, which of course only leads us to wonder not if she's pregnant, but how far along she is.

Like this one Ty posted to Instagram over the weekend, with the caption, "Just taking a walk by the river with this angel #SummerDays #WithTheBabe #TheBest"

OK, trying not to read too much into this whole "with the babe" hashtag, since Tyler and Catelynn constantly use pet names with each other, and babe seems to be a favorite. 

We're trying not to go too crazy over the idea of Catelynn and Tyler having their second child together. But they became an instant fave on MTV's 16 & Pregnant when they got pregnant with their daughter Carly in high school and made the wrenching decision to give her to adoptive parents who would be able to raise her in the way they felt she deserved.

They've maintained a relationship with Carly (who just turned 5!), and her parents Teresa and Brandon, with annual visits and lots of emails and phone calls, but now they're ready to have a baby to raise on their own. They're 22, they're homeowners, they have stable jobs, and after 10 years together, their relationship is more solid than ever.

Now if they could just stop teasing us about it, that would be great. We want to be on bump watch!

Do you think Catelynn is pregnant?


Image via Catelynn Lowell/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Krystian Kaufol

No they were not a fan favorite, they were extremely selfish.

And you can stop kissing their butts as well....this site seems to have some kind of commission if they post about Kardashians, the princess, and these kids.

And that picture shows nothing.

nonmember avatar Draya Mitchell

I hope they are! They were my favorite teen mom couple and they will be great parents. I know it was hard for them to give up their daughter but they wanted her to have a better life. So if they feel they are ready to raise their own children, I say go for it!!

Victoria Virgil

How were they selfish when they gave there childup for her to have a better life? Ya the pic shows nothing but no ones kissing anyones butt

nonmember avatar Jenna Williams

I can't believe anyone would call a couple who gave up their child for adoption selfish.

nonmember avatar Caitlin

They have confirmed, they are expecting!

nonmember avatar Krystian Kaufol

Victoria, thus must be your first time on,this site.

Take a look at this site and the's nothing,but Kate & William, the kardashins and these kids.

So yes,this site does kiss butt.

Jo-Anne Germeshuizen

She is pregnant, her mom let the cat out the bag on mothersday on her Facebook page.

nonmember avatar Krystian Kaufol

Because that's my opinion Jenna, and I am allowed to have it.

In their 16 & pregnant episode, I sided slightly.....but then as teen mom went along, I just saw them as selfish people. They wanted to be parents to early, but gave her away. Then wanted to keep Carlyle, but wanted a normal teenage life as well.

And her voice is so annoying.

They are just a bunch of selfish whiney brats.

armyw... armywife009

@Krystian, for someone who hates these "whiny brats" so much, it's odd that you feel the need to come on every article to complain about them and the others. Seems someone is obsessed.

nonmember avatar Charlotte

I don't think it is butt kissing to give someone proper acknowledgement for doing something so beyond the realm of feelings most couldn't even begin to comprehend, much less actually do.... To give up their child to people who can give it everything it needs, do they still love their daughter??? Of course, they have her up for her.... Knowing, admitting, and doing something about the fact that you can't provide for your baby is something more parents should do! I can't tell you the number of parents who keep their babies for saving face rather than be " looked down upon" by people!!! I give them full credit for doing something so selfless and amazing for their daughter!!!!

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