'Billie Jean' Performed by Hot Guys With Beer Bottles -- You're Welcome! (VIDEO)

The Bottle Boys Billie JeanHave you heard of The Bottle Boys? They are an absurdly talented group of five guys from Denmark who perform various songs by blowing into empty bottles. As their YouTube channel description says, "Everything can be played on bottles, just watch!" The Bottle Boys have taken on a number of popular songs in the past, but there's something particularly mesmerizing about their latest twist on Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.”

Maybe it's because once you see the clip, you'll agree that "Billie Jean" was clearly made to be performed via beer bottle. Maybe it's because these guys seem to be having so much fun while they're doing it. Maybe it's because The Bottle Boys aren't exactly, ah, hard on the eyes. Whatever the reason, this video is the perfect Monday pick-me-up.


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I've seen people make music from blowing into bottles before, but never anything quite like what The Bottle Boys are capable of. They've posted viral videos of their hip-hop covers "Call Me Maybe," "Walking on Sunshine," and "Under the Sea," among others, and apparently their first single is available via iTunes. Here's how they explain their technique:

It works by filling the bottle up with water, and the more water you use, the higher the note will get. - Phillip

It’s like playing the flute. You do it at a 45-degree angle as if you’re blowing a candle. - Johannes

Each bottle plays one note, which is why this rendition of "Billie Jean" is so amazing -- check out The Bottle Boys' freshly-debuted "double bottle" method:

Undeniably awesome. Also, I think I have a painful crush on the guy in the beard.

Here for your related Monday viewing pleasure are The Bottle Boys performing "Under the Sea":

And their epic hip-hop mashup covering Kurtis Blow, The Sugar Hill Gang, Salt N' Pepa, Dr. Dre, Kanye West, and Macklemore:

What do you think of these guys?

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