Kandi Burress' Wedding Special Features Craziest Diss in 'Real Housewives' History (VIDEO)

Viewers and readers, I'm thrilled to bring you FIVE days a week of programming! Today, we've got Kandi's Wedding, the latest spin-off of the wildly successful Real Housewives of Atlanta, as well as WeTV's Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, and sneak peeks of Bravo's summer lineup, including the return of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Or the Jersey Shore. Or something like that. Read on and watch the exclusive video!!

I was struck by more than a few crafty network moves regarding Kandi Burruss' new spin-off. AND ... I liked it. I break down the drama, including Mama Joyce and Kandi's assistant, Carmon Cambrice.

There's also a new version of Marriage Boot Camp, a real-life marriage retreat run by counselors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll and retooled for television by WeTV. This season focuses on reality stars, and I was fascinated by the differences between MBC and VH1's Couples Therapy, as my husband and I participated in their second season. Between Real Housewives of Orange County alumni Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley, and Bad Girls Club's Tanisha Thomas, let's just say the Carrolls have their work cut out for them. And we haven't even gotten started on The Bachelorette it-couple Trista and Ryan Sutter, Jersey Shore's JWOWW and Roger, or Braxton Family Values' Traci. Watch below!

Finally, sneak peeks of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Game of Crowns. The return of Dina Manzo and why NOW is particularly important. And three new girls. And some fun bags. Did I just write that? Yes. Yes, I did. Watch now, and tell me in the comments which series you'd like me to cover.

Viewing on a mobile device? Click HERE for a phone-friendly video.

Which new New Jersey housewife do you think will bring the most drama?


Photos via WeTV.com & BravoTV.com


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PamD. PamD.

Yep,  snooze fest on Game of Crowns.  Good recap Alex.  Good reminder, will just add your youtube to my channel list.  Good luck with the 5 days.

youth... youthfulsoul

I can't even watch this show. The RHOA has gotten so horrible it feels like a chore to sit through it anymore. 

Dameion GQmanoftheyear

I'm sorry, I don't feel sorry for Carmon! She's a hoodrat who acts innapropriate & that's why nobody likes her. If u act like a thot, u will be treated like a thot. Why get down on Tanisha Thomas and call her a fame whore when Gretchen & Slade Slimey are not married, and they are on this show!! Why?!!!!! As for the New Jersey wives....I AM NOT WATCHING THIS CRAP ANYMORE NOW THAT DINA MANZO IS BACK ON THERE! TRAITOR!!

BonBo... BonBon503

I'm watching #MBC just to see slade and Gretchen Really miss seeing them on tv. And i'm glad supposedly they are there to acquire better relationship skills for when they actually get married. Gr8 recap alex

Disgr... Disgrazia4

Congratulations on the 5 day gig and so lucky for us as you add so much to understanding what it is really going on behind the scenes!!  Good call on Game Of Crowns IMO and though I'm not sure I will tune in for MBC I will read/listen to your vlog regardless.  Yayy for Dina being back though IMO Bravo really ruined not only this franchise but practically every relationship on it.  So glad I won't have to see the rest of the Manzos at any rate.  Talk about a fake snooze fest, let me a tell a you!!  :D  Congrats again!!!  

Marilynne Dwire

Marriage boot camp and Kandis wedding, I suppose. Why don't you talk about Married to Medicine more?

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