Jenelle Evans Is Ready to Pop in Latest Baby Bump Photo

Jenelle EvansWe are on official baby watch with Jenelle Evans! Although the Teen Mom 2 star's purported due date isn't until June 29, it wouldn't exactly be surprising if Kaiser decides to make an early entrance into the world.

Jenelle already hinted a couple of weeks ago that Kai might decide to show up early (or maybe she was lying about her due date?), and thanks to a photo she Instagrammed over the weekend, we have more reason than ever to believe she's not going to make it to the end of the month.

Jenelle not only looks absolutely about to pop, her comment makes it seem like she's prepared for Kaiser's imminent arrival.

The reality starlet wrote, "any day now Kaiser. Mommy ribs r about to break.. Seriously" and added the hashtag #NoFilter just to make sure we know she didn't alter the pic.

I would just like to take a moment to point out that I would've needed a "skinny filter" at the end of my pregnancies to look as fantastic as Jenelle looks here. Amen.

Anyway, even though Jenelle looks amazing, her belly is huge, and it looks like it's all baby. How much bigger can she possibly get? The last few weeks of pregnancy is when babies grow the most -- as much as a pound a week.

But as much as she's probably "done" being pregnant, Jenelle's only 36 weeks along, which means Kaiser has some growing and development left to do before he's ready for life outside the womb. Premature babies can have some pretty severe health issues, and after totally failing as a mom to baby Jace, it would be nice to start things off on a good foot with her second son. Newborns are exhausting enough -- sickie newbies are even more stressful.

Kaiser will come when he comes. Babies do that, regardless of the stretch marks and bruised ribs.

Do you think Jenelle looks ready to go into labor?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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mummy... mummyoftwins92

I hate that her mistakes with jase are being put together with her having a premie, it can happen to anyone and i wouldnt wish it on anyone cause ive been there mysellf. Theres alot worse mothers out there and shes trying..hopefully bub stays in there a few more weeks.

nonmember avatar MamaMia

If Janelle hadn't made so many other mistakes , SO MANY other mistakes, her past with Jace wouldn't be brought up as much. However, Janelle has had problems with drugs, men, the law, her family, pregnancies (aborted the last one) etc. that it's hard not to see this pregnancy as yet another problem. I pity Jace and pity this baby Kaiser. Jace has been subjected to more than his fair share of turmoil with his loser mom and screaming grandma. He should have been adopted out to a loving family, who could have given him a home where he's valued and cherished. Same goes for the next one. Part of Janelle's probation should have been that she's not allowed to become pregnant. She and that poor excuse of a marine have no business bringing an innocent child into their world of chaos.

nonmember avatar Mariy

I had both my kids at 36 and 37 weeks my OBGYN said technically 36 weeks is full term but they would like you to go further if your body is capible I was tiny too and my kids had a growth restriction I'm 4'9" she said my body stopped the growth and sometimes it really is better at 36-40 weeks

nonmember avatar Amanda

My daughter was born perfectly healthy at 36 weeks. At that point health issues and risks drop significantly because it's very close to full term. My son was born at only 29 weeks and had major problems. So I think if she gives birth at 36 weeks baby will be fine.

nonmember avatar Livi

Can y'all just back off and leave the girl alone? The only reason any of you care is because she's in the spotlight. What about the other thousands of shi*y moms out there who neglect there kids or beat them or starve them? Jenelle is trying to turn her life around and better herself. Can you people not give her credit for that? BACK OFF!!!!

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