Mariah Carey Does the Unthinkable on NYC Subway (PHOTO)

mariah careyWhen we see photos of celebrities wolfing down a cheeseburger or shopping in bulk with 50 rolls of toilet paper in their cart, we think ... celebrities really are just like us. But they aren't. They really, really aren't. Proof of such can be seen in Mariah Carey's NYC subway ride.

Mimi, of course, didn't just ride the subway ... she did it in the ultimate style that could only be described as the utmost in glamour. Her outfit was worthy of award shows and yet there she was sitting on the 1 train like it was no big deal.

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I love it. "I figured since I'm under-dressed, we might as well take the subway," she joked. The only thing I don't like here is those sunglasses. There is no hiding who she is ... and I just don't understand why people wear sunnies indoors.

mariah on subway

Mariah was attending the Fresh Air Fund gala and instead of taking a private car, she took the train just like the rest of us plebeians. I guess you can say she was slumming it ... in a floor-length glitzy gown with a slit up to there.

mariah carey

Those gloves! Channeling Michael Jackson. I still hope she washed her hands after she touched the subway pole. So many germs and nobody wants subway hands.

I'll tell you this: As a NYC subway rider I applaud Mariah. Maybe, just maybe she will inspire some people to get a little more gussied up while riding the rails.

What would you have done if you saw Mariah on the subway?


Images via Mariah Carey/Instagram

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nonmember avatar blue

She looks afraid she will catch a disease. Ha!

nonmember avatar Lexi

she always dress like shes stuck in the 90s

abra819 abra819

looks like the spanx are doing some work!



What's wrong with her ankles? I love Mariah I'm glad she is not high maintenance as we all think. I think every woman celebrity or non celebrity has standards it doesn't mean we're stuck up.

honey27 honey27

Mariah is one of my fav singers so I would want her autograph. Love mariah.

pinkf... pinkfairy0206

I would be so starstruck, I'm not sure what I would do! ! I have listned to her music since i was 8 years old:) there will never be another like her ever!

Anusjka Regis-Etumnu

Is this for real? If it is looks like she is having fun! All the best to her…:-) Want hair like Mariah visit -

mcfar... mcfarterson

That looks like jermaine dupri in that pic w her.

nonmember avatar Tina

What was the "unthinkable" thing she did?

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