Kate Middleton Has Hired Someone to Watch Her Bum

When you're a princess, you can't afford to have photos of your bum splashed across every newspaper in the world -- no matter how pert and amazing it is. Kate Middleton became a victim to the cruel wind while she and Will were visiting Australia, and one (probably filthy rich by now) photographer had the fortune of capturing a shot of her exposed bum and putting it out there for the universe to see and gossip about for days on end.

Well, the Royal Family has done something to ensure that's the last time any of us get a glimpse at Kate's perfect privates. They've hired a "female minder" to follow the Duchess of Cambridge around and make sure her dress never flies up above her knees again.

The minder is going to be responsible for accompanying Kate on any occasion in which paparazzi could be present. So, I'm guessing that means this person is never going to have a day off?! For whatever reason, poor Kate has fallen victim several times to merciless photogs who have captured pics of her showing way too much leg for a member of the Royals. And the interesting thing is that she dresses with such modest taste and class that she's the last person on earth whose bum you'd expect to accidentally see.

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Ordinarily, I'd say hiring a handler to watch Kate's bum is kind of silly. But the press seems so dead set on finding ways to embarrass Kate and Will that I think this is a really good idea. The minder sounds like she'll sort of be a cross between a Maid of Honor who trails Kate and a BFF, especially considering how the Duchess is going to have to put her trust in this woman.

Now the big question: who have they hired for this position? What does this woman's resume look like? I mean, what do you have to do to work for the Royals? Pretty sure we'll find out the answers to these questions -- and see Kate's minder in action -- sooner rather than later.

Do you think Kate needs a minder to help keep her dress down?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Anita P. Barber

She doesn't need a minder, she just needs to wear knickers, underwear, panties, whatever you want to call them.

nonmember avatar me

What she said ^ This whole picture would have been a non issue if she had been wearing actual underwear under her dress. Sure, they got a pic of your undies, but at least not your bare bottom. The amount of skin pictures theres already been floating around of her, im surprised theres a part people are still surprised of seeing.

Some celebrity said once that she sew small weights at the hem of her dress to keep this happening, maybe she should have that done instead having some poor woman following her around ready to physically keep her dress hem from rising up in the wind

waity... waitykate

I hope this RIDICULOUS story isn't true. But Kate is such a complete idiot and so are the other royals, would it really be a surprise if her butt has an employee ?  All she needs are panties, a slip, fitted clothing - and some class. Wear panties, stop with the flared dresses, be PROFESSIONAL.  I'm sick of Kate and William. She flashes innocent children. They both "get off" on her exhibitionism. Neither William nor the other royals put a stop to it. This was not the first time. Her dress "incidents" would make the Guinness book of world records.

Kate is mentally ill, a classic exhibitionist. William supports it as if she can do no wrong and lets it go on. They're perverted imbeciles. If Kate were a man out flashing everyone she'd have been arrested by now.

In Calgary, Canada she flashed a child cancer victim who was there on the tarmac waiting to meet her. Kate wasn't wearing panties {as usual} and was photographed with dress up and the stark naked butt was photographed {her "front" was surely exposed too}.   She met a group of Girl Guides in Australia same day as her latest butt photo.  Meaning that those children were lucky that when she was with them a wind didn't come up. Because on the same day Kate had her butt exposed elsewhere. Unlike to the poor child cancer victim who was exposed to Kate's dumpy, filthy butt. Parents should protect their children and ask that Kate not be allowed around their kids.

BGarcel BGarcel

Come on women.... don't get your granny panties in a bunch. Thongs are normal underwear for women. Thongs are fit to wear on a daily basis. So please loosen your underwear and relax about thongs.

If she wore the big diaper underwear you guys want her to wear, you'll still be on her about her dress flying up. So it's a good idea they have someone to mind these sorts of things. But I'll wait to see if they get their money's worth and there are no more upskirts.

luvmy... luvmybubs

What is ridiculous is these comments. Oh the poor children saw a flash of a butt, less than they would see if they walked past a Victoria's Secret store window in the mall. Oh the horror they will be messed up for life.

nonmember avatar Michelle

I think sewing weights on her hem line would be a quicker less expensive solution. I hope that this story isn't true. Hiring an ass handler? it just sounds unbelievable, but I guess you never know with the royals

nonmember avatar Krystian Kaufol

I'm so sick of thks site bowing down to Kate and William, the Kardashians, and Caitlin and Tyler........

Kate is seriously pathetic, who hires someone to protect your butt?

Learn to put proper under wear on.

And yeah sure thongs are normal proper wear for women, but not when your butt has been showing every single day because you fail to dress properly.....

And no this woman does not dress modest and classy, if she did then her butt wouldn't be all over the internet.

BGarcel BGarcel

Krystian... if Kate wore full bottomed underwear, would you say she dresses classy? If not then her underwear was not the problem.

badas... badaskmom

It's no big deal. She just needs to be more aware of the wind.

nonmember avatar lauren

People need to chill... She's a beautiful woman who can wear what she wants. She's human, accidents happen. She dresses appropriately and if I had a daughter I'd want her to look at the duchess as a role model as opposed to these trashy starlets...

As far as the guarder of ass-etts if that's how she wants to go that's her prerogative. I personally think the weights would do better but its up to her how she feels about handling the situation..

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