Kate Middleton Has Hired Someone to Watch Her Bum

When you're a princess, you can't afford to have photos of your bum splashed across every newspaper in the world -- no matter how pert and amazing it is. Kate Middleton became a victim to the cruel wind while she and Will were visiting Australia, and one (probably filthy rich by now) photographer had the fortune of capturing a shot of her exposed bum and putting it out there for the universe to see and gossip about for days on end.

Well, the Royal Family has done something to ensure that's the last time any of us get a glimpse at Kate's perfect privates. They've hired a "female minder" to follow the Duchess of Cambridge around and make sure her dress never flies up above her knees again.


The minder is going to be responsible for accompanying Kate on any occasion in which paparazzi could be present. So, I'm guessing that means this person is never going to have a day off?! For whatever reason, poor Kate has fallen victim several times to merciless photogs who have captured pics of her showing way too much leg for a member of the Royals. And the interesting thing is that she dresses with such modest taste and class that she's the last person on earth whose bum you'd expect to accidentally see.

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Ordinarily, I'd say hiring a handler to watch Kate's bum is kind of silly. But the press seems so dead set on finding ways to embarrass Kate and Will that I think this is a really good idea. The minder sounds like she'll sort of be a cross between a Maid of Honor who trails Kate and a BFF, especially considering how the Duchess is going to have to put her trust in this woman.

Now the big question: who have they hired for this position? What does this woman's resume look like? I mean, what do you have to do to work for the Royals? Pretty sure we'll find out the answers to these questions -- and see Kate's minder in action -- sooner rather than later.

Do you think Kate needs a minder to help keep her dress down?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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