Kendall Jenner Is Clearly Copying Big Sister Kim Kardashian (PHOTO)

Kendall jenner

Kendall Jenner posted a new pic on Instagram -- and everyone is remarking on it. Not because it was sexy, or flashy, or silly, as some of her pics can be -- but because of whom she looks like. Take a good look and tell me whom she reminds you of!

If you said ... hmm ... Kim Kardashian ... well, you'd be like pretty much everyone else who saw this photo! Doesn't she look like Kim?

What makes this pic so Kim-like? For one, the eyebrows. Very thick and arched, just like Kim. For two, the smokey brown eye shade, exactly like Kim wears hers. It's unclear if Kim's makeup artist maybe did this face, but I wouldn't be surprised.

For three, it's hard to tell, but Kendall's lips look slightly plumped here. Maybe she's begun hitting the fillers like Kim, Khloe, and Kylie sure look like they have.

Plus, the hair -- shorter and wavy, like Kim's.

The only thing that isn't Kim-ish is her clothes, which are modest!

I wonder if this was a deliberate tribute to big sis or just coincidence? Either way, it's pretty common for little sisters to emulate big ones -- let's just hope that Kendall doesn't go too far with this. We don't want to see her in a sex tape. Well, at least I don't!

Do you think she looks like Kim?


Image via Kendall Jenner/Instagram



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nonmember avatar Maddi

I don't think either Kendall or Kylie have had lip injections. If you see pictures of them like recently walking through the airport without make-up, you can see their lips are normal again. They probably just use the over the counter lip plumpers that offer a temporary plumpness. Khloe in particular has definitely had injections and really jacked up her face and looks unfortunately IMO. Kim too but that's been apparent for some time. Khloe however has really overdone the lip thing and now looks awful.

MileyWHO MileyWHO

Is that a good thing?

Charles Almon

I'm too embarrassed to be hear and am leaving

Vega Kim

She is pretty the way she is

nonmember avatar Angie Lopez

Maybe she looks like kim bcuz they r sisters

Dawn Dealmeida

No I don't thi k she's trying 2 look like Kim cause if that were the case there would b a lot more pics of her trying 2.. Plus there sisters 4 Gods sake..

nonmember avatar Jennifer

I have 3 older sisters that were all in their late 20's/early 30's while I was a teenager (I was a WHOOPS obviously lol)and all I ever wanted was to be just like them. Look just like them, dress like them, wear their make up, even go out with them and their friends. The fact that they were way older and the things they did and talked about were adult things (they had children and husbands)didn't dawn on me.They were gorgeous and had the best clothes and make up and they drove, lol, that was all that mattered to me. When we played dress up or make up they always dressed me just like them and put my make up on just like they would theirs. Nothing out of the ordinary to want to be just like your big sister at this age. As you grow up you find yourself separate from your sisters, you learn your own traits and like and dislikes that are not like theirs. Let these girls admire and model their sisters in peace. They love them.

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