Jenelle Evans Violated in the Creepiest Way (PHOTO)

Jenelle Evans & Jace

OMG. People are cray-cray, you guys. She's had to deal with plenty of social media attacks in the past, but would you believe that someone on Twitter is trying to pass Jenelle Evans' pregnancy off as her own? (I'm assuming it's a female.)

I know ... this is beyond bizarre and downright scary. Whoever this person is has not only stolen Jenelle's ultrasound photos, but also pics of her showing off her bare baby bump on the beach.

And this troll even went so far as to make a collage of all of them!

Seriously. Check it out.

Are you believing this? And can you blame Jenelle for being totally freaked out? I mean, it's one thing to have to deal with crazy online haters -- but this person has most definitely taken things way too far.

Only someone who is completely delusional and insane would hijack someone else's unborn baby like this, right? Either that or this person is just so obsessed with Jenelle, she is literally doing everything in her power to actually become her -- which makes this whole scenario even more disturbing.

Man. I know we take risks every time we share photos on Twitter or other social media sites, but this should serve as a reminder to us all that we never really know who is looking at and possibly stealing our stuff.

Hopefully for Jenelle's sake, this is nothing more than a one-time thing, and she can go back to enjoying the remainder of her pregnancy in peace. But if this keeps happening, she might want to consider reporting this user. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Would you be creeped out if you were Jenelle?


Image via Instagram

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Dana Gibson

I have ssen  an episode of Dr.Phil and a girl did the same thing..i wouldnt put it pass someone.....FREAKY, CREEPY, PSYCHO ETC!  I dont'want to make judment calls but why would anyne do this?

luvmy... luvmybubs

Isn't that what catfishing is? Stealing someones identity and passing it off as your own. This type of stuff happens every day to complete nobodies. Once you post a photo it is the property of the internet, not you. I quit posting my photos on facebook because of that.

Bella Lagose

She probably made the fictional woman up for attention

nonmember avatar Kat

I doubt this has anything to do with Jenelle. Just some crazy high school girl desperately wanting attention, not really pregnant so she decided to use someone else's pics. Kids under 18 shouldn't be allowed on social media.

Tami Dubé

Hopefully this person isn't planning on trying to steal Jenelle and Nathan's baby and pass it as hers.

Theresa Morrison

I would be freaked out but I wouldn't waste ant time I would get the police involved because she stole her un born baby's altrasound picture.i would be so scared if I were you.i hope she leaves you alone and I hope everything goes well when you have your perfect little bundle of joy. :)

Autumn Allen

takes a psycho to know a psycho. lol

KDT7688 KDT7688

"She's had to deal with plenty of social media attacks in the past"

The most hypocritical line of this story.

This is *The Stir after all, the biggest offender.

Miranda Richter

I saw something about a women who would fake like she was pregnant . Then one day befriended a women. Then she invited her over and tired to kill her and take her baby. This kind of stuff is scary and she should take it serious. I would be very creeped out.

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