Kim Kardashian's New Wedding Dress Picture Will Leave You Speechless

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

OMG. We were all totally surprised at just how beautiful and classy Kim Kardashian's wedding dress was, as our jaws pretty much dropped to the floor when we first saw it.

Nobody would've been the least bit surprised if she'd showed off a ton of cleavage (since that's kinda her thing). The fact that the lace Givenchy dress completely covered her chest area was a pleasant surprise.

But as it turns out, the gown was even more over-the-top amazing than we ever imagined, based on this photo Kris Jenner shared on Instagram of Kim from the back.

Seriously -- is this the most gorgeous wedding dress you've ever seen or what?

Kim Kardashian wedding gown

I know. It's simply breathtaking. Look at how intricate the detail is on the bottom of the gown, and also on the veil. Isn't it exquisite?

I'm sure in all of the visions Kanye West had of what Kim would look like walking down the aisle, he never dreamed she'd pull off the goddess thing so perfectly. And aside from how gorgeous this thing is, it also seemed to truly capture the romance of being married in a historic setting in Italy. It's modern, but with a nostalgic twist, which couldn't have been more fitting.

Kim should definitely think about framing this picture to hang somewhere on the wall in her new Bel Air mansion -- if renovations on the damn thing are ever completed.

Something tells me the photo captures a moment she'll never want to forget -- her final seconds simply being known as "Kim Kardashian."

What do you think of the back of Kim's gown?


Images via Instagram; Instagram



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nonmember avatar Becky Childers/

Nothing but amazing, Beautiful, Gorgious, And I love-it so so much......💖💛💜🌹💜💛💖

Shirley Johnson

I don't care for the dress and it's overpriced

Yanin Lobato

an amazing dress!!... just perfect.

nonmember avatar annie

The back is great, the bib thing in the front really spoils it.

nonmember avatar therese

I agree the front looks like a bib and the back is too open, it just doesn't flow well.

nonmember avatar Alek

This dress was not classy.....It was TRASHY....

nonmember avatar YOLANDA

One of the most unattractive wedding dress I have ever seen. Did she do that on purpose so as not to look like the skank she is?

nonmember avatar Linda Lee

Another dress, another marriage. Stay tune for another dress, another marriage from Kim.

nonmember avatar Barbara

This comment is about the dress NOT about Kim Kardashian West. I liked the dress a lot. I think the back view is stunning and totally befitting the social and financial standing of the couple. HOWEVER, now that I see that it is/was backless .... I'm pretty much turned off. The backless-ness of it takes away from all the modern/antique dichotomy that was so sophisticated. I think sheer lace would have been much more appropriate. Overall, I still have to give the dress high marks for workmanship, style and WOW factor.

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