Tori Spelling Won't Admit That Dean Cheating on Her Was Karma (VIDEO)

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling's reality show about her troubled marriage to Dean McDermott is a fascinating glimpse into a marriage's darkest moments. And you can really feel Tori's pain. But many aren't feeling it. There are those who think Tori just got what she deserved. After all, Tori met Dean on the set of a Lifetime movie when both of them were married to other people. And that didn't stop them from sleeping with each other. You know what they say, if they'll cheat with you, they'll cheat on you. So a lot of people have no sympathy for Tori's predicament -- that Dean cheated on her with a woman he met in Toronto.

On the show, True Tori, the subject has hardly been brought up. The focus is on "Tori's story" -- and it doesn't really help the heroine's plotline to focus on the fact that the heroine was once the other woman too. There was one brief moment when the couple's therapist mentioned that Tori must have known Dean was capable of cheating given how the two of them met -- but Tori brushed it off, saying that Dean had convinced her they were soul mates.

The show is now over and it's still unclear whether the couple will stay together for the long haul, though it seems they're in it for the short haul. Next week a reunion special promises to answer two of the more pressing questions: Did Dean cheat with other women besides the one in Toronto? (If he did, he'd be a fool to admit it! How many TV shows can one man take?) And was the entire premise fake -- just a ruse to get the financially strapped couple another TV show?

But the one question much of the public really wants to know is whether Tori feels that justice has been served -- that karma has got her. Does she now understand what Dean's first wife, Mary Jo, went through? Well, Entertainment Tonight decided to ask her. And here is her response:

Errrrrrrrrrr, yeah. Pretty lame, eh? "You can't help when you fall in love with someone"? Well, if that excuse flies, then why can't Dean just say he can't help who he fell in lust with? After all, if you can't help yourself, you can't help yourself.

Something tells me that wouldn't have worked very well.

Tori had a chance here -- and perhaps she will utilize this opportunity in the reunion, though I doubt it -- to be truly honest with her audience. To admit that what she did was wrong. And to say, "Yes, since my husband was capable of cheating then, he's capable of it now. I ignored that, and I shouldn't have."

That wouldn't negate the pain Tori has felt, nor what she has been through. Not at all. Part of learning is realizing what red flags you ignored, dismissed, or didn't realize were red flags.

Tori would have gained some sympathy if she had said that what she and Dean did was wrong, and perhaps she should have taken their affair as a sign of Dean's character. And that now she can truly empathize with the pain she caused Mary Jo.

Instead, she took the "you can't help it if ..." route. Bad call, Tori.

Would you like to hear Tori admit she was wrong?


Image via Entertainment Tonight

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LeeshaE LeeshaE

"You can't help when you fall in love with someone"? This must be a common belief among cheaters because this is exactly what my father's mistress said to my mother when confronted. Then my mother threw the first punch of her life and hit the hussy.

Michelle LaBrosse Purcell

You might not be able to help who you fall in love with, but when you sleep with someone the first day you meet them (as Dean and Tori did), it's not love - it's just lust. Love takes time to develop - it takes experience with the other person, to get to know who they truly are.

On top of cheating on her 1st husband, and Dean cheating on Mary Jo - they also broke up Dean's family - Jack was only Liam's age, and Mary Jo and Dean were in the midst of adopting a daughter when the affair occurred. I wish Tori would think about that for a minute - how would she like it if not only did Dean have an affair, but now the family is blown apart, and her son will be spending time with his father and the 'new woman'. I wonder if even for a minute she considers the depth of pain that Mary Jo must have endured?
Saying "We couldn't help falling in love" sounds pretty damn heartless when you consider the destruction these two left in their wake.

D.j. Lord

you cant help who you fall in love with...the first line of the intellectual whore.

nonmember avatar Sabrina

You can help who you put in your path TO fall in love with. You can set boundaries that prevent you from becoming close to a married man.

Charl... Charlyla2

I don't really care much one way or the other about this woman but I firmly believe that if he will cheat WITH you, he will cheat ON you. She is a freaking idiot. I don't care if you "can't help it", you're selfish and cruel if this is the way you think.

nonmember avatar Kim

My husband cheated in me then a few years after the woman he cheated with (later married)called his sister and said she thought he was cheating on her. His sister told her "well what did you expect? He was married when he cheated with you!" Tori married a cheater and hurt his wife and family but that doesn't seem to matter!

nonmember avatar M.A.

Dean and Tori are whiny, self centered, and oblivious to the fact that they caused the same pain to two adults and one small boy. I am sickened by them. Stop selling your mess of a life on tv and become accountable for your actions and how about this? Throw in some boundaries! They are always trying to sell this image of their love, selling that they are sexy and romantic. Dean and Tori , you are a joke and nobody with a brain respects you!
You know what's romantic and sexy? Two people sticking together and working day and night to keep the family going! Getting up at 2am with a sick kid and still having to get up at 5am for work. Bringing bag lunches to work because you need the money for formula, agreeing to no Christmas presents for each other so your son can have that special toy, how about being so exhausted from doing the right things in your life that it wouldn't be possible to feel lust for another?
Can you honestly tell me these two are the best people we can find to give a tv show to?

Violet Cichy

Dean is a jerk. He never really worked since he married Tori, he won't admit it that he married Tori for her future money hopefully coming from Candy Spelling. Tori is also a very spoiled person too, she did do wrong to snatch Dean away from his exwife.

nonmember avatar Stephanie M.K.

I am so unbelievably tired of hearing about Tori. I don't keep up with Hollywood gossip so I had no idea she was ever even married to someone else. I attached the first episode of her show two weeks ago because nothing else was on. I found myself crying with her and feeling empathy for her only to find out it was a sham. If (and that's a big if) Dean even cheated she totally deserves what she gets. I have absolutely no empathy for Homewreckers!! They know what they are doing and they have absolutely no care for anyone but themselves. They don't care about the children and their lives that ate going to be potentially destroyed. My "friend" decided that she wanted to send my husband naked pics of her nasty ass a month before I gave birth to our daughter. Nothing came of it but luckily for her I would rather be with my child then spend time in jail for kicking the shit out of her. I desperately wanted to, though. Tori is a low down dirty homewrecker so she deserves everything that comes her way. If you don't have the balls to break it off with someone before having sex with someone else you deserve everything bad coming your way. And if you are taking a father or mother away from their kids to be with your home wrecking ass then you absolutely deserve everything you get!

nonmember avatar Foster

Does she deserve to get cheated on? No,because no one,male or female,deserves that but she's crazy if something in the back of her head didn't think he might do the same to her. No you can't help who you fall in love with but she had two options in that case;do everything she could to get over him or leave her husband,and he his wife,FIRST,then get together. Personally,I think people should try the first one but if that doesn't work and you aren't happy then leave,not cheat

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