Kim Kardashian's Marriage to Kanye West Is Already Ruining Her Life

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Wow. That was fast. They haven't even been married for a full week yet, and already Kanye West is assuming control of Kim Kardashian -- and could even put an end to the very thing that made her famous in the first place.

According to RadarOnline, Kanye is forbidding Kim to star in a Keeping Up With the Kardashians spinoff with Khloe and/or Kourtney, which of course is creating all sorts of family drama. (If he's really putting his foot down, of course.)

Considering just how important Kim is to the overall brand, Kris Jenner is reportedly pretty pissed that Kanye is assuming control of her daughter, not that she should be all that surprised.

I mean, would you be all that shocked to hear that Kanye is putting limitations on what Kim can and can't do now that she's his wife? It's obvious that he thinks he's the big cheese and likes being in charge, and he clearly assumes reality TV is way, WAY beneath his queen of a bride.

But the idea of taking the cameras out of her life isn't the only thing that's supposedly causing tension between Kanye and Kris. Nope. Apparently she's all bent out of shape about the possibility of Kim using Kanye's last name professionally, you know -- because it takes the focus away from the Kardashian empire, which she's worked her ass off to build.

Sooooo ... what the heck is Kim supposed to do to keep both her husband and her mother happy? There has to be some sort of happy medium here. Hopefully for her sake, Kanye and Kris will consider Kim's feelings and let her decide what's best for her future.

I know she just married a dude who clearly has himself up on a pedestal, but Kim is still her own person -- something she'll hopefully remember and fight for even though she's a married woman. Or better yet, maybe she can somehow manage to take back the reins from Kanye altogether and dictate how his life should go from here on out. (Wouldn't that be a kicker?)

Do you think Kanye is too controlling of Kim?


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Lucki... Luckicharmz

This is one of those rare instances where I go "THIS IS AN AWESOME IDEA!"   Please get this trash off tv!

nonmember avatar Tab funny that people think they know what goes on in anyone's home/marriage. However, I'll play devil's advocate; why does it make Kanye "controlling" if he isn't keen on Kim filming crap tv? Why isn't Kris the one deemed "controlling" since she's so adamant about Kim not taking Kanye's name?? I mean, seriously, why is it so acceptable to shun tradition? Even encouraged. Maybe he does keep himself on a pedestal, but it seems very much like he enjoys the company of his wife and daughter there, too. Kim is a big girl, she knows what she wants in her life. Hopefully, she's learned by now what she DOESN'T want, too.

Mike A. Patterson

Kim is no longer a baby girl, I'm sure that she can make a decision on her own. if she has put out with being the main attraction all her life by sleeping with a dude and promoting it on FOR LACK OF A BETTER WORD "TV" I'm sure that she can handle Kenya west!!!

Darlene Apodaca

He is makeing an ass out of her she needs to get up and tell him how it is we know it would be this way do not let him win u are his wife not his slave so stand up to him and be Kim K

Nancy Callarman

I feel that he knew what Kim's life was and what she loved to do.It should be 50/50 on decisions.and not just what he thinks.I see trouble in Paradise already.

Rayzine Schaefer Dale

I think there both idiots and the show will do just fine with her gone. Who cares about these two stupid idiots.

Stephanie Hathaway

He is a tiny bit of a control freak and needs to stop before he makes her a shadow of her former self , we will see a depressed Kim not even in a magazine anymore cause Kanye don't read that one

Julie Brodie

Hasn't he controlled her pretty much from the start? The 1st thing he did was change her entire wardrobe!!

bnmbnm bnmbnm

Kim likes to be controlled so I'm sure she is living this little tiff with Kenye and Kim. And what has Kim done for herself but sleep with Ray J and a sex tape was made no other true talents sure she has some looks but they fade in time she needs to learn to do and stand for herself

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