Mackenzie Douthit's Drastic Weight Loss Is Becoming Extremely Concerning

Mackenzie Douthit

I know we're definitely our own worst critics and all, but doesn't Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit have any idea just how damn amazing she looks?

She's shed every last pound of her baby weight and her body is all sorts of tight and toned these days. But now it's very concerning that she seems to be getting more and more obsessed with achieving an even tinier frame.

And in case you needed some perspective on just how small she really is, check out this tweet she posted, detailing her insane weight loss even more.


Um, excuse me? The scale is finally back to two numbers? As in she weighs under 100 pounds?!?

I don't know what's more shocking -- the fact that she weighs somewhere in the 90s or the thought of her possibly wanting to see the number drop even lower.

Yes, Mackenzie is super petite, and even at such a low weight, she doesn't look unhealthy or scary skinny ... yet.

But given how much she works out these days coupled with the fact that she's also watching her diet, there's definitely a possibility of things getting out of hand if she isn't careful.

Hopefully Mackenzie is finally satisfied with her size now that the number on the scale is down to something she's happy with. She looks incredible, and she certainly doesn't need to lose even one more ounce!

Do you think Mackenzie is losing too much weight?


Image via Instagram

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