Prince Harry's Split From Cressida Bonas Might Be Kate Middleton's Fault After All

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Remember when Kate Middleton was accused of ruining Prince Harry's love life because she doesn't get along with Cressida Bonas and we all sort of rolled our eyes? I mean, the whole idea of Harry being influenced by Kate's opinion of his girlfriend just seemed so ridiculous, we simply couldn't even entertain it as a possibility.

But according to a new report in Vanity Fair, Kate may have had absolutely everything to do with why Prince Harry and Cressida broke up, though her role in the split wasn't exactly malicious. Like at all.

According to a friend of Harry's former flame, Cressida freaked out after seeing Kate on the Royal Tour and realized the princess gig simply wasn't for her.

He/she said, "Cressida watched Kate on the royal tour of Australia and New Zealand and totally freaked. She just said, 'There's no way I can do that.'"

Huh. Doesn't this make a whole heck of a lot of sense? Sure ... marrying a royal comes with plenty of perks, but the whole living your life under a microscope thing isn't exactly easy to deal with on a daily basis. As many times as we've all said we'd love to trade places with Kate Middleton, we've never been faced with the actual possibility of doing so like Cressida. And the fact that she's looking at the big picture instead of getting wrapped up in the prestige and power of it all actually makes her seem like a pretty cool chick.

But even though it sounds like Cressie is done with Harry for good, apparently he is still hoping she'll reconsider and give their relationship another shot. A source even says that Harry cooked dinner for Cressida at Kensington Palace last week in an effort to win her back, but alas, it did not work. (Maybe the food was too spicy? Nah. That can't be it.)

Hmm. Maybe the next gal who thinks she's up for dating Prince Harry should take a long hard look at Kate's lifestyle before she signs up for the task. It would be such a shame to see him so close to marriage again only to have his heart broken once more.

Do you think there is any chance of Harry and Cress getting back together?


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Karen Meechan

Why dont you guys just leave Kate and Harry alone - this is the sort of crap that gets printed and starts the trouble - who bloody cares who started what - LEAVE THEM ALONE FOR GODS SAKE

nonmember avatar julianna

from all written accounts,cressida was not up to the formality of royal life. it comes down to they want different things. kate is not to blame. she handles public life with a learned ease and accepts her role in public life. cressida does not want that life, for reasons of her own. what the future holds is up to them.

nonmember avatar ASIDERE EREZI

I think we should let GOD be the judge of their relationship instead of pionting accusing fingers and apportioning blames.prince harry is matured to know what he want and so is cressy. Instead of jumping into marriage they shud seek the face of the GOD and examine themselves if they can live with each other forever than to tolerate each other later. Wishing them GOD's best


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