Jenelle Evans' Feud With '16 & Pregnant' Star Is As Ugly As It Gets

Jenelle Evans & Danielle Cunningham

They've never exactly been the best of friends (to say the least) -- but wait until you hear just how ugly the feud between Jenelle Evans and Danielle Cunningham of 16 & Pregnant has gotten.

Danielle went so far as to accuse Jenelle of attacking her kids on Twitter. Let's just say Danielle's not being the least bit shy in firing back and giving Jenelle a piece of her mind.

Check out this tweet she posted defending her babies -- you won't believe what she called Jenelle.

Yep. "Mentally disturbed." Ouch.

And while we can't be sure what, exactly, this little fight stems from, given that Jenelle supposedly deleted any tweets referencing Danielle's kids -- it's clear that these two have some sort of vendetta against each other.

But regardless of how much hatred they feel toward one another, bringing innocent children into the mix is simply unacceptable. Let's hope Jenelle didn't really insult Danielle's kids, especially when it comes to their appearance.

They have absolutely nothing to do with whatever beef Jenelle has with Danielle. Even in a moment of pure rage, she should be decent enough to leave them out of it.

But if Jenelle did deem her kids as ugly? I guess we can't really blame Danielle for lashing out the way she did. Any mom would absolutely freak if someone said such horrible things about her children, so we can't give her grief about the "mentally disturbed" comment if that's the case.

Hopefully these two will eventually realize how ridiculous it is to continue to attack each other, especially given how much they've both struggled in their lives. Ugh. Come on, ladies -- can't we all just get along?

Do you really think Jenelle would insult Danielle's kids?


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nonmember avatar Brittney

I think this is stupid. Yur some grown ass women! Talking bout each other.. Grow tf up!!

Mama-... Mama-Bear-of-2

Are we really surprised about Jenelle being immature, at this point? I know I'm not. She's turned her life around, in a lot of aspects but she doesn't seem to be very mature. I wouldn't put it past her to insult someone's child.

nicki... nickimiranda

I also wouldn't put it past Danielle to lie just to get attention and to start drama. No I don't think Jenelle would call her's or any child ugly because especially her being in the spotlight with her own children she wouldn't want someone saying that about hers. They both need to just get over whatever drama they have going on and simply let each other be.

nonmember avatar Kathryn

She didn't call anyone's kids ugly; someone else did while firing back at Danielle and Jenelle favorited it

nonmember avatar Trista

Jenelle is not the best and my least favorite but danielle needs 2 back the f*** off jenelle. Ok danille is a teen mom star wannabe. She only got pregnant in hopes of being on the show in the first place. Danielle is an ugly nasty skanky b****

Toni Story

I don't believe that Jenelle would have said that about any child!

Lesli... LeslieandBerlyn

Jenelle looks cute in that picture. That's all.

nonmember avatar momma12

I went to school with and live in the same town as danielle. The feud started because danielle posted a pic of herself on instaram or twitter or herself smoking weed and jenelle fired back calling her a bad mom for smoking. Even though jenelle got high not off of only marijuana on tv. Jenelle has no room to talk about danielles choices especially since she at least has custody of and raises her kids.

Mitchelle Gonzalez

I find it funny that Janelle is talking trash about people, has she looked in the mirror. At least these young mothers are trying to raise their kids, unlike her giving her baby up and being so rude to her mother who does everything for her. She is ungreatful. Her life isnt so great to be talking bad about anyone.

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