Shocking 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Firings Are a Big Mistake

joyce giraud carlton gebbiaMoment of silence in Beverly Hills today. It's been announced that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbies Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia were both fired from the show after just one season. If you listen closely enough, you can hear the rhythmic swooshing sound of Kyle Richards and Brandi Glanville repeatedly fist pumping the air.

I can't say I'm shocked by Bravo's decision to not bring either of these ladies back, but it is somewhat of a surprise that they only gave them one measly season to prove their worth. And, although Carlton and Joyce, respectively, didn't seem like the nicest or, um, least boring people in the world, they definitely contributed their fair share of drama to the show. In fact, the main storylines this season were Carlton's deep-seated, arbitrary hatred of Kyle, and Brandi's petty, pointless issues with Joyce -- or, as she would call her, "Jacqueline."

I can't see Carlton caring all that much that she was axed from the show -- in fact, I could almost see her welcoming it, being that being within a 20-mile radius of Kyle seems to make her break out in Wiccan hives -- but I definitely could see Joyce being bothered by the network's decision to let her go. Brandi may have been the one in the wrong in their weird, nonsensical feud, but one thing's for sure: Joyce sure loves being in the spotlight.

I look forward to seeing who the masterminds at Bravo choose to replace Joyce and Carlton with. And, if I may offer a suggestion, I say they pick someone who will become allies with Lisa Vanderpump. That poor woman has no one on her side on that show anymore.

Except, you know, Giggy.

Are you sad to see Joyce and Carlton go?


Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar namers

This is old news. Besides, why does everyone say that someone was FIRED when their contract wasn't renewed. If anyone was fired, it would be in the middle of the season. It never is.

Debbie Page Lazzara

I really liked carlton, she should be given another chance.I can think of a couple of others i'd like to see them get rid of.

Jill Foster Morris

sad to see Joyce go but Carlton is a wack job so no loss there

nonmember avatar Lisa Walker

I can take or leave either one of them. I just don't understand why they keep Kim Richards? I wish her well on staying sober however, she has zero story line.

Chris Cosat

Lisa doesn't have anyone on her side b/c she deals out the shenannigans and then acts surprised when she is called out on them!

nonmember avatar Jayce costa

Make LIsa Rinna a BH Housewife, she lives there and would be FUN to watch. In glad the witch is gone; scary

Bonnie Stone

Not really, I don't think they added much to the show except fighting and I'm sick of that. 

nonmember avatar Justjala

I say replace both of them with Heather Dubrow from the OC. Must be close enough and if not she can always pop in a private helicopter and fly down to film!!

Valerie Lewis

Maybe I'll start watching it again, got so sick of the fighting this season!

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