Rob Kardashian Skipping Kim's Wedding Might Have Been Entirely HER Fault


Rob Kardashian

I know most of the buzz surrounding their big day has died down and all, but we still can't forget that Rob Kardashian skipped Kim Kardashian's wedding, given what a huge milestone in her life it was.

And while it's totally understandable that he's uncomfortable with his weight and didn't want to pose for family photos, it kind of seems like a pretty shallow reason to flee the country and refuse to watch your sister get married. Given how much drama usually surrounds the Kardashian family, something more had to have happened to cause Rob to make such a bold move, right?

Well, as it turns out, there may be a whole lot more to his sudden departure than meets the eye.

According to RadarOnline, Kim accused Rob of leaking negative stories about her to the press, and they had a huge blowout. Oh, and I should probably mention that supposedly Kim fat-shamed him as well.

Yep. A source claims, "Kim and Rob haven’t been speaking to each other for months ... she thinks he is lazy and bringing down the family name because of his physical appearance. After arriving in Paris, Rob and Kim got into a very heated argument because she thought he was just moping around the hotel. She encouraged him to go out and sightsee, which he declined to do."

Gah. Of course Kim's camp is denying that a fight went down between her and Rob, but you have to admit, if they really did have a heated argument, him jetting out of town and refusing to attend the wedding makes perfect sense. I mean, can you blame him for not wanting to stick around if his sister basically admitted being disgusted by him -- and accused him of being a snitch?

Hopefully for Rob's sake, skipping the wedding truly was due to his insecurities, and not a huge rift with the people who are supposed to love him the most. It would be a real shame if he winds up cutting ties with the fam all because of such petty bulls&*%.

Do you think Kim and Rob really had a big fight?


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nonmember avatar namers

It's too bad he doesn't believe in therapy and thinks that a personal trainer is the key to his problems. It's not going to get better for him, only worse.

nonmember avatar Nicole Nieves

Really?!!?!?!!! Come on Rob your not even that heavy and your still attractive!!! If Kim really did such a thing, she should be really ashamed of herself!!! I mean if anyone should be embarrassed of shaming the family name should be her!! Really how did Kim get rich and famous?!?!!! what number is this wedding!! She is soooooo fake lord only know's what else she does!!! Rob your awsome!!;) if it takes staying away from your family to have peace and positivity in your life then do so!!!! Consider reaching out and getting closer with your dads side of the family!!!

nonmember avatar Mary

Rob I know that it is so important for you how you look, believe me I have been there too. Be strong for yourself and only you it is a day by day work out. I am still working on it myself. And I do have diabetes, heart murmur, and other things. But I have a lot to goals I lots my husband and now I am raising to grandkids and this is what keeps me going on. Plus my Lord without him I don't know. Is for family goes they will always be there but you are number one. And I know you can do it I have lots and lots of faith in you. I will be praying for you, hang in there Rob (do you and your business).

Thanking of you


Dorothy Gagliardi

Kim needs to stop saying bad things to Rob like she always dose. She always puts him down for one reason or another. Little miss perfect that has so much plastic surgery , Stop being so fake kim and be  a real woman.


Dorgeles Konan

Kim exagère... c'est tjrs elle qui trouve des critiques ici et là. Au lieu de l'humilier conseilles le sur sa manière de vivre , c'est ça une famille soudée. Elle est trop matérialiste et je vous avoue que dans cette c'est kim et kris qui sont des chichi... elles sont près à tout pour l'argent. Je suis bien triste pour Kanye West qui sera ruiné jusqu'au poil quand celle-ci demandera le divorce, ce qui est pour bientôt en tout cas. Trop nul ce Kanye, je compre pourquoi Jay z et Beyoncé n'ont pas assisté à leur ridicule mariage, ces derniers ont senti l'arnaque venir. Au lieu de vexer Rob, elle devrait penser à son cas...elle a deux époux: KRIS et KANYE!

Laura Sviland


Veneta Rihovska

woman, you just dont like Kim. She is his sis she loves him and that is why she trys to get the best of him. And if he needs to hear the thrut than sibling is the one who should say it. 


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