Scout Willis Takes a Topless Stroll in New York City to Protest Instagram

Scout WillisSo Scout Willis took a walk recently in New York City, which wouldn't be that big of a deal, because hi, a lot of 20-something kids of celebrities do that, but this time it kind of was. Because she did it topless. To prove a point.

It seems as though Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's 22-year-old daughter got herself kicked off Instagram for posting some "unsavory" pictures involving a sweatshirt she designed and two topless women. Her account was apparently suspended because she dared to bare the nip.

So she did what anyone would do in protest of Instagram's nudity policy and strolled down the streets of New York City totally topless. We are not talking a little bit of sheer fabric or a questionable wardrobe malfunction here -- lady is topless.

The designer-slash-rebel-rouser decided to show how insane the photo-sharing social media site is with its censoring by brazenly walking down the street in nothing but a floral skirt and handbag. She's wearing shoes too, but honestly, that's not what anyone's looking at.

She posted the scandalous pics to Twitter with the captions, "Legal in NYC but not on instagram," and, "What @instagram won't let you see #FreeTheNipple"

Oh my gosh. #FreeTheNipple. You know, at first this seems like a flagrant stunt by a celebrity kid who wants attention, but in this case, the girl has a point (no pun intended, I swear). Scout goes on to show all sorts of different examples of debauchery allowed on Instagram, yet some tasteful nude pictures aren't allowed? It doesn't make any sense.

Hey guess what? If you don't want to see nude photos from people who like to post nude photos, then don't follow them. We're not talking about porn here -- no sex acts are taking place. Just artful photos, which should be allowed if Instagram is going to allow all sorts of other licentious pics. Pick one, Instagram -- either be prudish modest or not. Can't have it both ways.

Do you think Scout Willis' topless stroll will get Instagram to change its ways?


Image via Scout Willis/Twitter



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Missa... Missanjie

It's legal to walk around topless in NYC?

KWill... KWilliams-0513

I think that #freethenipple movement is soooo stupid. Women get mad at there boyfriends/husbands when they just glance at a women..., what do you think there eyes will be on when they see women walking around with there boobs out? Out of all the things women could have chosen to make us more equal to men is this? Come on now.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

@Missanjie yes it is so long as it is not in a sexualized manner. Its more for situations like if your playing sports and pop your top off because you're hot, that's the argument the gal used when she got it legalized.

nonmember avatar Michiko

But let a man walk around without pants and all these women will scream sexual harassment.

BGarcel BGarcel

The women who get mad at their men looking at other women are the same ones who don't want the nipple freed. I'm not freeing the nipple and no I don't care if my husband looks at another woman. I know I'm not the prettiest girl on the planet. And I know that woman he just looked at will never receive my husband's love. So why should I get upset?

kysma... kysmama08

People get pissed off about breastfeeding and you have funky looking boobs just strolling around NYC...and when did it become legal to walk around topless in NYC?

Railr... RailroadGirl

Bruce and Demi sure did make some unattractive girls.

nonmember avatar motherof3

The female body is beautiful. As long as its done in a non sexual manner who cares. Breast are a source of nutrients for children they should be celebrated. If your man is looking at another woman and you get upset either he should stop or you should gain confidence. Life has become to centered around sex. It sick.

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