Brad Pitt Gets Punched in the Face on the Red Carpet for 'Maleficent'

Brad PittMust refrain from all Fight Club references. Because the only rule of Fight Club is ... never mind. Anyway, Brad Pitt got punched in the face on the red carpet on Thursday. So that happened. Not the neck, mind you, just the face.

The A-lister was there for the Hollywood premiere of Maleficent, in which his fiance and mother of his six children, Angelina Jolie, plays the title role. The couple was strolling along, minding their own business except for the eleventy billion flashing cameras, when all of a sudden, Brad was ambushed by notorious celebrity ambusher Vitalii Sediuk.

You remember him, right? Most recently, he tried to crawl up America Ferrera's skirt at the Cannes Film Festival. He's also had encounters that involved being slapped by Will Smith and confusing Jennifer Lopez as she tried to present an award to Adele at the Grammys.

An eyewitness to the Maleficent event told E! News that Sediuk jumped the velvet rope and rushed the hunky actor. He apparently made contact, but was quickly detained by the police, who took control of the situation.

LAPD reports that the man was arrested and taken into custody and is being booked for battery. The police department also reported that they do "not have any information on whether or not Pitt retaliated," which just brings up all sorts of Fight Club jokes, but we're not going there because you know the rules.

In all seriousness, what is going on with this guy, and how does he keep managing to get through security? So far he hasn't caused any real damage, and even witnesses here say Brad Pitt was relatively unfazed by it, but what if he tries to get more physical?

He's not even funny. He's like the weird, awkward friend no one invites to the party but no one has the heart to turn away either. Well, at least until he starts rushing the popular kids.

Do you think this red carpet prankster is funny or just annoying?


Image via NBC News/Twitter

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Can we stop with calling him a prankster? He's an ass hole who I hope runs into Sean Penn or Alec Baldwin.


@Prima87 He needs to run into the rock .I feel like this man needs to be in jail because he is going to get hurt when he approach the wrong celebrity.


I think he is cruising for a lawsuit against one of the celebrities he is's just not working out that way.

lisa8... lisa82000

I will kiss him better.

Frost... FrostyMelted

Sounds like he's crazy. Probably reads TheStir.

MileyWHO MileyWHO

I read on other sites Brad was rushed. No mention of being physically assaulted. Not surprised this site would turn it into more .

BPayne09 BPayne09

I'm confused as to where you got that he was punched in the face. The link you posted said nothing about him being hit. Do the writers even fact check before posting an article?

nonmember avatar Lisa

He has gotten away faith way too much. Trying to kiss Will Smith! He was slapped for that one though. But when he went under and inside America Ferrara's dress, I am surprised he didn't get a stiletto to the face! Sociopath!


@Leigh Thorson Siebert:LoL, I forgot about Russell!

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