Maci Bookout Hits Baby Daddy Ryan Edwards Where It Hurts the Most

maci bookout and bentleyMaci Bookout originally endeared herself to fans by being a lovin' mama to her son Bentley, but many Teen Mom viewers have also followed and rooted for her to reboot her on- and off-again romance with baby daddy Ryan Edwards. We've known for a while that they're most likely going to stick with a platonic relationship ... what with Maci closer than ever to beau Taylor McKinney.

But now, it's unclear whether the former flames can even be friendly! Judging from Maci's angry tweet written yesterday, she's none to happy with Bentley's pop!

Check it out ...

Ouch. Sounds like a serious swipe at Ryan! Why on earth wouldn't he be attending Bentley's games and events on the regular? It's downright baffling, considering that, regardless of his relationship with Maci, he's always seemed like a doting dad to their son.

Nonetheless, Maci's clearly bummed out, likely more on Bentley's behalf than her own. Sure, it must stink to be flying solo to most of her kiddo's events, but it's also heartbreaking to think that Bentley may be utterly lacking his dad's support.

No one should have to be shamed into showing up for their kid, but maybe Ryan needed to be called out for his absences. After all, what kid wouldn't prefer to have both their mom and dad on the sidelines -- at least sometimes?

How would you explain Ryan's absences?


Image via Maci Bookout/Instagram

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lucke... luckeyslady

It does really suck for kids to not have both mom and dads support in school and activities. My children go through the same thing but shaming won't work. I tried it. It is what it is. Us single mothers just have to keep pushing and do our best to fill that unfillable void. Sad, but true story.

nonmember avatar Yes

I feel like you all blow everything out of context. Did you ever stop to think that maybe she's just writing this because she's just feeling alone. I feel like you all like to harrass these teen moms. I bet you all who are parents have even worse skeletons in your closet. Leave these moms alone and stop critisizing everything they do. They are human beings and they have feelings to. Take a look at your life and stop poking your nose into other peoples life. Get a life of your own!

Denise O'Connor Sipes

Shes a doucheknozzle who cant keep her legs closed, and yes I may have skeletons in my closet but at least I married the father of my 6 kids and we are still married. Oh and by the way unlike that skank my husband was my first and only  how many of the teen skanks can make that claim??? Or how many of those who will bash my post can make that claim???  


nonmember avatar Crystal

But did anyone ask about you or your life ^^

Cryst... CrystalMarie_09

But did anyone ask you about you or your life?? No they didn't. ^^^

nonmember avatar Angel

Didnt she say earlier that he works away. Hes freaking working people

mommy... mommyoftwins148

If he's at work god forbid. I have a job that if u have a position u can't always get the day u need off. Welcome to the real world people. Its not always easy.

FireM... FireMoonGypsy

Is he working? My husband is an adjuster and works mandatory ot a lot. 12 hour days 7 days a week leave me to do the parenting by myself, but the man is busting his but for us. He makes what he can when he can. Not sure what the guy's situation is, maybe he's a here but maybe there's an explanation and he needed to be addressed privately versus through social media.

Kayla Wickmark Hallett

Not once does it say he isn't there...she just said she is a single mom there....good Lord I hat how you people try to destroy so many celebs lives

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