Solange Reportedly Writing Tell-All About Beyonce & Jay Z We Want to Read​

solange, beyonceWe all know that sex sells. Just ask Kim Kardashian. No one was talking about her before that raunchy home video with Ray J. The only thing that can launch a career (or revive a dying one) faster, apparently, is a brawl caught on tape. Thanks to Solange's now infamous elevator beat-down on brother-in-law Jay Z, her career is on a steep incline.


After the incident, Solange had a boost in album sales. Losing You purchases went up 233 percent. Digital downloads got a boost too, going from 600 the week before to over 2,000. That's really good news for the singer who has always been in her big sister's shadow professionally.

Though the headlines have died down, people are still buzzing about what set the star off. Did Jay Z cheat? Was he acting inappropriately with Rachel Roy? Is Solange just crazy? Why didn't Bey step in? Those questions and more may be answered if reports are true that Solange is now writing a tell-all about Beyonce and Jay Z's relationship and plans to reveal some shocking family secrets.

All I can say about that is: CAN'T WAIT! Allegedly Solange can't stand how her sister continually looks the other way while her hubby steps out on her. So, if she does decide to air their dirty laundry in a book, it is guaranteed to be one juicy read. However, it's doubtful that the star will ultimately expose and embarrass her sister that way. As much as fans want to know the truth, I hope she puts her loyalty to Beyonce first.

Would you read a tell-all by Solange?

Image via Mike Coppola/Getty

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