Amber Portwood Apologizes for Flaunting MAJOR Cleavage (PHOTO)


Amber Portwood

Whoa! Looks like somebody decided to get a little bit bold. In what can definitely be read as something along the lines of, "Look at how freakin' hot I am ..." Amber Portwood shared a photo on Twitter with her cleavage on full display -- and then she went and apologized for it.

I know ... I had the same reaction. "Huh? What the what?!?"

Seriously ... her caption reads, "I want to post this picture but there's a lot of cleavage so please pardon me ahead of time ... sending love everyone."

Wait -- I'm confused. Does she really want people to see this photo or not?

Let's go with "of course she does." On that note, here's the shot in question.

Amber Portwood

Damn. Holy boobs. If that shirt was any more low-cut, her girls would be hanging out all over the place.

But back to that heartfelt apology of hers. This is clearly a selfie, so why didn't she just retake the darn thing if she thought she was showing a little too much cleavage?

Something just doesn't quite add up here. And I'm guessing it's mostly due to the fact that Amber isn't 100 percent confident in herself just yet, given her very rocky past.

But she obviously wanted to flaunt something by sharing this pic, which could've possibly been intended to catch her rumored boyfriend's attention? And it's definitely a winning strategy, you know ... since dudes do tend to love boobs.

She may be shy, but apparently Amber is no dummy.

Do you think Amber was trying to show off with this picture?


Image via Twitter

teen mom


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nonmember avatar Amber hamilton

She is a young mom not dead Jesus y'all make a big deal over EVERYTHING !!

nonmember avatar Rachel

This is ridiculous! That's hardly cleavage! She shouldn't even have to apologize for that. Every mom knows that sometimes that happens, heck every woman who isn't a mom knows this. Just ridiculous!

Amy Hyland

Before posting the pic, she could of edited the pic and cropped her cleavage out so she wouldn't have to apologize for showing skin

nonmember avatar Emily

This is so stupid, she is a grown ass woman. It's not too much cleavage. She's beautiful and she should be proud of how she looks. The author of these stories is way too freakin dramatic! She needs to get a grip.

Brittany Gordon

She looks great and it's alot better than Ferrah and her BACKDOOR policy!

nonmember avatar mary

At least she has clothes on unlike another teen mom. She is grown and this is nothing compared to some photos I have seen of 10 to 16 year old girls posting. So I am saying if is fine she shouldn't have to apologize at all since she is grown.

nonmember avatar jordan

Omg! If this is major cleavage, then wtf is a string bikini?! You people are nuts! Society is what is wrong with our world today!!

LuciB... LuciBlue12

What the holy shit is the big deal

nonmember avatar susie

wow. whoever writes this stuff about the teen moms really has too much time on their hands. everything on these links about them is blown way out of perportion! thats barely cleavage- omg a good looking woman has boobs! what a shock! leave these girls alone and let them live their lives they arent doing anything wrong by being nomal!

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