LuAnn de Lesseps Viciously Slams Bethenny Frankel at Awards Show (VIDEO)

Tip for reality TV hopefuls: if the network has decided you're taking a dive this season, there's little you can do to stop it. On this week's exclusive episode below, I discuss the downfall of The Real Housewives of Orange County's Heather Dubrow, assisted by producers and a mechanical bull. We visit The Real Housewives of New York City with the return of Aviva Drescher (and her father) as well as VH1's Gossie Awards, Tori Spelling, and Kim Kardashian.

I asked all my viewers to choose an Orange County winner between Heather Dubrow and Shannon Beador, and of course, Tamra Judge wound up in the middle. In my opinion, this RHOC episode (season 6, episode 9) was a masterful piece of editing. I explain exactly what I think happened behind the scenes.

Back in New York City, it's episode 12 of season 6. Aviva and her father are back, and I discuss the mechanics of bringing parents on reality television with the good and the bad. Also, are dog funerals a new staple Housewives scene, up there with vow renewals? I give you my take on Sonja Morgan's memorial service for her dog Milou, and how it compares to Kenya Moore's service for her dog Velvet on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Are you watching VH1's The Gossip Table, and if not, why not?? The first annual Gossie Awards aired this Monday, and a feud between Bethenny Frankel and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps became apparent. I give you ALL my inside dish on what happened and WHY.

In other reality news, I have a question for you about monogramming, as it relates to Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott for the season finale of their latest show, True Tori. It's wedding season, with Kim Kardashian's nuptials and a special day for yours truly as well!

Will you be sad to see Heather Dubrow leave the RHOC?

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Images via VH1 and Bravo

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nonmember avatar EmmyKae

I cannot take Heather this season. It's dreadful to watch and it almost makes me not want to watch. I think that Tori and Dean's cheating scandal was a made for tv moment. Would love to hear your thoughts on that!!

Crystal Lynn West

I cant stand Heather she is boring they need to bring back Alexis and Gretchen . Heather acts like she better then everyone else and she acts like a mother to the ladies not a friend. Happy Anniversay to You and Simon  

Diana Stone Criss

I look forward to seeing Dubrow off of HWOC. She is a downright rude snotty bitch and hate her on the show.  Sick of her better than thou attitude. Despise the bitch

nonmember avatar NEW_10history

Love TEAM Heather!! Why should she hide class & intelligence. How about getting rid of TAMERA? Can't stand the way she takes everyone's inventory? She really has nothing to offer but a trash mouth. TEAM HEATHER!!

Paula Gabello Edwards

Ugh. The Countess has no class. Happy Anniversary Alex and Simon!!!! Many more to you!

Brittany Jones

Alex!! I love your blog I follow you every week and so appreciate the inside information you give us. It makes me feel like I understand the shows better! HUGE FAN!

Daria Knapp

Oh Alex. You always make me gag

Anna-Marie Bell-Ferraro

You need to get a sound proof studio to keep doing this, the echo in the back round is annoying... Please if you continue to broadcast find a professional area to do your blog from was half expecting to see Simon in a towel asking you where his shaving kit was and the kids to run in screaming and jumping all over.

Irene Teresa Figueroa Batista

I never watch this, but know I know why I dont watch it. Alex you are annoying. sorry girl!.. find something else to do, its not this!..

nonmember avatar Justjala

I DVR The Housewives of OC and FF though most of the scenes with her and that dingbat husband of hers!! I hate to say it but no wonder Vickie falls asleep when she talks!!! Her leave GOODBYE & Good Riddance!! Take your snotty attitude and your "new" house and shove it!!

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