Kylie Jenner Proves She’s Not Like The Rest Of The Kardashians

kylie jennerSisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner seem to be as un-Kardashian as you can imagine. While their older stepsisters love to share almost everything and anything about their personal lives (along with their private parts), younger sisters Kendall and Kylie seem to be taking a much more modest approach when it comes to what they want to share with the world.

Case in point, 16-year-old Kylie Jenner recently lashed out at reports that indicated she “made out” with her good friend, actor Jaden Smith at her sister Kim Kardashian’s wedding this past weekend.

The reality star slammed those rumors that suggested she was doing anything scandalous, explaining that she and Jaden are nothing more than good friends.“Wasn’t caught making out with anyone at my sisters [sic’ wedding lol” she tweeted on Tuesday. “Jadens [sic] a close friend of mine.”

While we’ve all seen Kim, Khloe and Kourtney do the most insane things for a headline, it sounds like Kylie isn’t interested in mixing her name in dirt for a little gossip fodder on the internet blogs, right?

While there have been rumors that Kylie and Jaden have been dating for some time now, it does seem that the two do have a good, platonic friendship between them. I’m sure everyone remembers having friends of the opposite sex at Kylie’s age who were nothing more than just that –friends. If anything, your teenager years are the last years in which you can get away with having good friends of the opposite sex without anyone speculating if there’s romance between the two.

At Kylie’s age, all she wants to do is have a little fun with her close pals without worrying about everything her older sisters are going through at the moment, which of course includes marriage, divorce, babies, cheating scandals and so much more. There’s no doubt that Kylie is definitely learning her life lessons…. through the mistakes of her older siblings.

Do you think Kendall and Kylie care more about privacy than their sisters?


Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram


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nonmember avatar namers

Uh huh, she's already posted a couple of deep cleavage top photos. Since mom doesn't disapprove, she's grooming her...

nonmember avatar A

Not stepsisters, half sisters. They all share the same mother.

Victoria Barrera

For shatters they are not step sisters they are half sisters, same mother but different father, so if you write something and least get it right

Dorothy Gagliardi

I hopesisters those two don t go in the lime light like her older 

Jennifer Haire Parramore

Yes I think they are much more private esp Kendall! Aren't they half sisters instead of stepsisters??? They all have the same MOM!

nonmember avatar Olivia lopez

Yes! Women can have male friends, I do and there is no sex involved! There are many sick minded people out there!! Why does it always have to be about sex!

nonmember avatar dannielle

They're half sisters not step sisters.

Learn the difference.

If you share blood you're a half sibling. If not you're a step.

Pamela Sanders

the kardashians r not step sisters, they r half sisters, there is a difference, they r from the same blood, their mother, they have different fathers, step siblings r related by marriage

Eden Weatherup

I definitely agree that Kendall and Kylie are a lot more reserved than the Kardashians and I think it's because they have a good grounded group of friends (not all of which are famous at all) and I think their dad has a major impact on their lives. I hate how people slaughter Kendall and Kylie, but they forget they're only just teenagers - making mistakes makes them learn and grow as people and hopefully they're learn to make the right choices and decisions in life unlike their sisters.

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