Robert Pattinson's Behavior at Katy Perry Concert Means They HAVE to Be Dating

Robert Pattinson

Just when we thought the romance rumors surrounding them had officially died down for good, Robert Pattinson turned up at Katy Perry's concert in London. He even tried to be conspicuous about it -- leading us to believe they really are all hot and heavy for each other.

Instead of renting a private box like you'd expect an A-lister to do, Rob sat with the rest of the general crowd, but obviously he didn't go unnoticed.

Did I mention he was caught singing along to all of her tunes and reportedly "had his eyes glued to the stage"?!?

Huh. Interesting.

This picture that turned up on Twitter of Rob in the crowd is kind of grainy, but it's definitely him.

Robert Pattinson Katy Perry concert

And aside from rocking out during the show, Rob also took the time to pose with some fans, which I'm sure more than made their day.

Robert Pattinson with fans

Aww. Whatta guy. (And what a bunch of lucky gals. Damn.)

Ok, let's get back to Rob and Katy. The fact that he attended her show isn't the odd part -- it's the idea of him trying to blend in with the rest of the attendees that raises a few eyebrows.

I guess he probably figured watching the concert with the VIP crowd would've sparked more dating rumors, but honestly Rob has given us even more reason to speculate that something is going on between him and Katy by trying to be so sneaky about it. It's always possible that he was simply supporting a good friend by being at her show, but as time goes on, whatever bond exists between him and Katy only seems to be getting stronger.

Ugh. Why don't the two of them just go ahead and make out and get it over with already? This is really getting old.

Do you think Rob and Katy have something to hide?


Images via Garreth Cattermole/Getty; Twitter; Twitter

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Caryn Burton

Sooo, the fact that he actually was in a box surrounded by his sister, one of his best friends (Sam Bradley), Sam's sisters and a group of other friends apparently makes no never mind to you in your efforts to continue spreading this bs.  And, neither does the fact that there is a video on IG of Rob canoodling with an as yet unidentified though much speculated about brunette during said concert?  You people are just pathetic.

nonmember avatar Dixie

What Caryn said!!! You people are pathetic. Shit stirrers

Vicki Rollins

I want to make a coment but there is none really.There ya go.


Ellen Bay

Creating a mountain out of a mole hill... Pattinson is a Taurus, they're very devoted people. Try and make something out of that.

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