Kate Middleton's Infamous Bum Picture Raises One Big Question

Kate Middleton Prince William

If you haven't taken a peek at the photo of Kate Middleton's bare bum that was published on a German website, you're definitely in the minority. Pretty much everyone is buzzing about just how freakin' amazing her derriere is.

Seriously, it's so toned and perfect, it's unfair, especially given how gorgeous the rest of her is. Doesn't she have any flaws?!?

Apparently not ... or at least not in the physical sense. And while I guess we shouldn't be all that surprised that Kate has an applause-worthy rear end, the fact that she prefers thong underwear seems a little naughty, don't you think?

As a proper royal, I had her pegged for a briefs kinda gal. (Or at least a modest pair of those boy short things.)

In addition to Bild.de, an Australian newspaper has also published Kate's bum photo, which of course has resulted in more people giving her a hard time about "allowing" a wardrobe malfunction like this to take place.

I never realized this, but supposedly Queen Elizabeth weights the hems of her dresses so she doesn't suffer a similar mishap. Some folks are wondering why Kate doesn't choose to do the same.

Considering the fact that she does appear to prefer undies with minimal coverage, you have to admit it's a pretty valid question. Flowy dresses and windy days definitely don't mix, and Kate should be well aware that photographers are dying to capture a scandalous shot of her like this. She really should make the extra effort to avoid giving them the opportunity.

Besides, given the topless photo scandal that went down in the past, Kate is no stranger to the embarrassment that goes along with this kind of exposure. It seems odd for her not to cover up a little more underneath her skirts just in case.

But given how much attention her now famous bum is receiving, something tells me underwear shopping is pretty high on Kate's list at this point. She really can't afford to suffer any more public humiliation, even if it comes with the risk of having a wedgie.

Do you think Kate's bum mishap is her own fault?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Kay Kolb

Why would you think briefs?  The girl walked a runway half naked, for cryin' out loud . . . 

Victoria Bardsley

It was tasteless for the magazine to publish that photograph.


Also, when are you going to STOP calling her Kate Middleton? That's not her name anymore. She herself even admitted that she prefers to be called Catherine. Learn to call Catherine by her PROPER title, NOT her maiden name.

Todd Vrancic

And why is her choice of underwear any business of anyone but her and her husband?

Joyce A. Miles

Its really her business, not ours and certainly not the queen's. If will doesn't object why should be??

Gail McPhaden

Get real - you see more in a bathing suit or short shorts. She is so perfect they cannot find anything to fuss about.

Barbara Hanson

I think you should leave her alone and get you mind out of the gutter,

Geri Bowling

I think there was way to much fuss about Catherine's mishap. No it was not her fault and I'm sure she was very shocked. Please leave the Duchess alone and stop trying to embrass her and the Duke, I'm surprised the Duke didn't have a few choice words for the photographer but he did the right thing too by ignoring the incident and I hope the Duchess puts it behind her and moves on, embrassing things happen and its best to not make a fuss.The Duke seems to be very protective of her as he should be.

nonmember avatar Julie

She's a silly girl like the rest of the royals.

Rachel Morris

why cant you just leave the poor woman alone she doesn't need you being complete pervs and stalkers get a life

Linda Bazinet

Just leave her alone!  For Pete Sake...she is human like all of us.  Stuff happens...if it was my butt or yours it would be no big deal.  So stop going on about it. 

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