Jenelle Evans Makes Fun of Her 4-Year-Old Son But Nobody's Laughing

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to parenting her son Jace. After getting pregnant at 16, the Teen Mom 2 star flitted in and out of her baby's life in between a string of nasty boyfriends, multiple arrests, and drug charges. She even signed over custody to her mom Barbara Evans when Jace was a baby to avoid responsibility.

Now Jenelle seems to be getting her act cleaned up, spending the weekends with Jace, and preparing for the rapidly approaching arrival of her second son Kaiser with boyfriend Nathan Griffith in June. But has she gotten this mom thing finally figured out? The reality star posted a video on Instagram over the weekend, calling Jace names!

In the video captioned, "Many faces of Jace," Jenelle is straight-faced and calling her son "creepy" and that he "looks like a gremlin." Meanwhile, Jace can be seen making faces at the camera and giggling.

OK, obviously Jenelle is just having some fun with her boy making some funny faces, and Jace seems to be enjoying himself. But is it really a wise thing to do? There's a saying that one of the biggest lies around is "just kidding." Insulting your child should never be OK, even as a joke.

Meh, I think it's all good in this case. Jenelle isn't telling Jace he looks ugly (although someone in the comments does by posting, "Ugly kid," and later defending it with, "My opinion. Not all kids are cute."), she's just trying to get him to make creepy gremlin faces.

There is more than enough to judge about Jenelle Evans if you're going to judge her. Like wondering if she really will be a decent kind of mom this time around. But making creepy faces with her son probably isn't one of them.

Do you think Jenelle should tell Jace he looks like a gremlin?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Krystian Kaufol

Oh come on!!!!

I tell my six year old she looks weird or creepy when she makes weird or creepy faces.....not that big of a deal!

nonmember avatar Amber

are you serious? you clearly just said "...having some fun with her boy making funny faces" so uhhh why would it be a problem to say his face was creepy or gremlin like?! they were having fun...I seriously doubt she was deliberately making fun of him -___- someone ran out of things to write about.

nonmember avatar casidy

Ok she didn't sign custody over to avoid responsibility, she did it because she knew it would be best for him. She knew she wasn't ready to do it on her own. She wanted custody of him, but knew what was best.

nonmember avatar Jessie

Do you honestly have nothing better to do with your life than pick at other people's lives? Get a life!

nonmember avatar abbie

Seriously. I think people are just trying to fund something to hate on. Get a life. She is perfectly fine in everything she did in this video. Seriously whoever keeps writing these articles should be fired!

nonmember avatar bgarbzzzz

The person that writes these blogs is a fuckn idiot. I really don't know why I read this crap.. it's obvious that all she does try to stir the shit pot. Jeez

nonmember avatar amy

These writers are fucking stupid.

nonmember avatar wicked

I think Jace has bigger problems facing him in the future than being called a gremlin by his addict uneducated slobmess of a mother.

shell... shelly5162

She is just playing around. She isn't calling him ugly n making him cry. Gosh leave her alone unless u really have something serious

Bella Lagose

Jennelle,do your eggs and society a favor,get your tubes tied!You and Nathan are taking up space and air.Can you all move to another planet please!

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