'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Did Heather Dubrow Deliberately Get Tamra Judge Hurt?!

tamra judge gets thrown from a mechanical bullDon't try and play innocent, Heather Dubrow. We alllllll heard you loudly insist that the hunk-for-hire operating your bull-ride up the speed when it came time for Tamra Judge to go for a ride. Though all things being equal, Tamra and her terrible cowboy hat totally had it coming. Indeed, my rose and I have decided that this episode should be retitled "There's a Ho-down at the Hoedown."

Now, why exactly am I being so hard on poor, bruised Tamra? Because she took an already socially awkward affair and made it basically unbearable for all parties involved. Sure, tensions were already running high after the infamous "chair" debacle from last time -- but there was no reason to make things even more juvenile. Tamra Judge, I find you guilty of pot-stirring in the first degree! Conveniently, the punishment for this is being thrown from a bull -- animatronic or otherwise. Consider it time served, girl.

I'm not saying that I think Heather is blameless in any of this, mind you. She hosted a charming (if totally tacky) ground-breaking party for her new homestead! Why fixate on berating guests for tardiness? In my humble estimation, going to town on a guest at your own party for being late is even more rude than said guest showing up late to begin with. I slapped my forehead so many times you'd think I was starring in a V8 commercial. 

It kind of seems unfair of me to be going to town on Heather for her rudeness when Vicki Gunvalson literally snored her way out of a conversation that bored her. But, I mean, Vicki IS rude. Her being a bitchy weirdo at these events? That's something we've come to expect. Heather serving pure awfulness? That's a thing slightly more rare. 

I wonder how long it's all going to take to bite Heather in the bung-hole. We've got audio AND visual of her going, "TURN UP THE SPEED VERY HIGH" when Tamra mounted the bull. Man, what if Tamra had broken her neck or something? And then Heather had been charged with murder! .... Remember that time I just accidentally wrote fan fiction about The Real Housewives of Orange County? IT JUST HAPPENED.

Do you think Heather will pay for her bull-themed crimes?


Image via Bravo

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youth... youthfulsoul

I didn't think she went to town berating her guests, I think she voiced what any of us would have been thinking. It is rude to show up so late and Shannon seems to have some emotional issues. Girl can't keep it together. Looks like she's always on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

nonmember avatar Robin

Heather is totally classless! All she does is try to show how much more money she has than everyone else yet if it weren't for Terry she wouldn't have crap. What she made/makes as an actress wouldn't buy the guesthouse at her estates.

I've never seen someone more insecure who acts like they have it all together. She flat out lied to Terry about the "chair gate" situation, and like any pathological lier you can tell she believes her own lies

MileyWHO MileyWHO

What Heather did is unforgiveable. I've always like her because she took the high road. This is court worthy of Tamra wants to sue. Shame on you Heather.

Dorothy Regulski Powell

just how much did the ho-down cost....totally tacky....look at me....and my MONEY!!!!

nonmember avatar wicked

Oh, Heather! What is a "Control Freak" to do? Heather is the proverbial " hall monitor" of the OC and she has apparently lost her mind. This jealousy of all the women is rather disturbing. To have friends you have to be a friend and you don't even like the women you are allegedly friends with. Purposely harming a guess? Truthfully? Bat shyte crazy. Is she taking Ramona pulls this season?

nonmember avatar Christine

Shannon and Vicky were BOTH late. I was surprised that Heather walked away from Vicky after Vicky started snoring at her for the umpteenth time. Heather is obviously afraid of Vicky and is passive/aggressive towards Shannon. Tamra is definitely a pot stirrer and made the situation worse by going back and forth between the girls. Terry confronting Tamra and Vicky was rude as well. Why does he want to involve himself in his wife's petty disputes? I found Vicky comments to Lizzie rude as well. Vicky remarked in the limo ride that Lizzie should have a grown up name like Elizabeth yet Vicky doesn't go by Victoria? Lastly, Heather is just tacky. She only gained social status by marrying a plastic surgeon. Didn't she grow up in the Bronx? She tries to belittle everyone, yet she forgets where she came from and tries to act as if she's above everyone else. How tacky and shameful. The saddest part is that with all that money she still looks like a clown with bad plastic surgery.

nonmember avatar Liz

Heather is a total LIAR!!! She yells to fire the bull operator when he was simply carrying out her orders!!! Total weirdo beezy. And yes, it was totally rude for her to call out a late guest. It happens, get over it....at least she showed up.

Becky Lombardi-Reid

It is nice to see I am not alone in my estimation of Heather. For a very long time I have been blown away by her arrogance and superior attitude. She was born in the wrong century. She should have been born into royalty back in the 16th century. I could see her fitting into that scenario. Then she could have had Shannon barred from court or beheaded. I like the point by the other guest. Why didn't she get on Vicki for being late? She is probably working on her excuses as we speak, for telling the bull operator to turn up the speed. I will look forward to her creative historyonics at the reunion.

Carol Joy Simmons

I wanted to like Heather but she has come out this season making it hard not to loathe her. Too bossy, critical and she lies so bad. She told her husband that one of the ladies was "scary crazy", look we all saw what happened, it's on film. Heather stated  that shannon "yelled all the way back from the batroom", when she did not! She simple said in a low voice , Heather, Heather. It was in a sweet and low voice. She's lucky no body jerkered her ass up by the hair, like I wanted to. She's just a bully and very demented. Is she on meds because I'm worried about her memory. Shannon is one of my favs this season. I'm so sic of the original pot stirrers. Vicki, Heather and Tamra need to fired, awful, awful people. 

nonmember avatar Anna

Yes we have watched Heather get crazier and crazier already this season. And she is VERY histrionic in her "storytelling." Flat out lies and seems to have no shame! Heather is the "scary crazy" one! Good grief, Shannon was sweet and gentle & Heather just lights into her like a mad woman & then complains to her husband how crazy Shannon was! Aren't people who go to medical school supposed to have a little intelligence? Heather rules that roost with an iron fist and Terry never seems to question her highly dramatized & dishonest accounts of situations. Worst of all, to tell the operator to turn up the speed on a ride she could barely stay on when Tamra got on because she was mad at her- now that IS scary crazy. Wow! I was so shocked when I heard her tell that man to do that. And finally, she lies again after Tamra fell off & got hurt, blamed on the operator & said he should be fired?? And then laughs and says 'what if she sues us?" That's pretty scary behavior if you ask me. Shannon is like a fairy godmother in comparison to that. Fancy Pants is coming unraveled all over the place. Everyone thinks she's so in control- NOT. For whatever reason, that's a raging woman inside. Something is so not right there.

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