Rob Kardashian Skips Kim Kardashian's Wedding for Saddest Reason Imaginable

Rob Kardashian

Ok, so after all of the hoopla over in France and Italy this weekend, who else is totally curious as to why Rob Kardashian fled Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding?!?

I mean, he showed up in Paris and all, which means he had every intention of attending -- but then he jetted back to L.A. and skipped the wedding ceremony in Italy, which is just plain bizarre -- considering he's the BROTHER of the bride, and all.

But all typical Kardashian drama aside -- wait until you hear exactly why Rob didn't want to see Kim and Kanye get hitched. It'll break your heart. For reals.


According to TMZ, Rob did not want to be forced to pose for family pictures, given how much weight he has gained. Supposedly the crew kept insisting he looked fine and tried to convince him to be in the photos, but his "insecurity and depression" proved to be too much to handle, so he made the choice to head back to L.A.

OMG. I'm sorry, but this is just downright sad. (Seriously. I wanna give him a big hug, or something.)

And honestly, we probably shouldn't be all that surprised that Rob freaked over the pics, given how cruel people have been to him about his weight recently. I'm sure the last thing he wanted is several more reminders in the media of the fact that he's a bit heavier than he'd like to be.

But you know what really sucks most about his decision not to attend the wedding? Exactly. At some point down the road, he's probably going to regret it. Sure, it would've been a buzz kill to pose for the pics when he's not happy with his appearance, but still -- Kim is his sister, which has to be more important than the size of his pants. (Right???)

Poor Rob. Hopefully he will adopt a healthier lifestyle from here on out so if for nothing else, he can at least have a decent shot at being happy again. It really is impossible not to feel sorry for him.

Would you be mad at Rob if you were Kim?


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