Kanye West Gives 20-Minute Long Speech About the Kardashians at His Wedding

kanye west kim kardashianKanye West is famous for making bold statements. He's famous for being a hip hop recording artist, too, of course which in a way go hand in hand. Kanye writes and says bold things. And we cannot forget that is the one who said "George Bush doesn't care about black people." Quote heard round the world and back again. When he talks, people listen ... even when they don't want to -- even when they interrupt Taylor Swift's VMA acceptance speech to make sure we knew he thought Beyonce made the best video of all time. Yes, that same Beyonce who was a no-show at Kanye's wedding to Kim Kardashian. It's deep, my friends. Deep.

It also seems a propos that Kanye delivered a 20-minute speech to wax poetic on all things Kardashian at his wedding reception. He used the term "public warfare", called the Kardashians an "industry", and said that Kim is the "ideal celebrity ... the ideal art." Kind of sounds like he's feeling Kim is his trophy.

I can't help it -- I think it's so incredibly sweet. When two people get married, we want to hear stories of love and appreciation and speeches where the groom or bride or someone in the bridal party goes on and on about all the happiness in the room and everyone holds up their glasses to toast to a lifetime of ultimate happy everything with a cherry on top.

I also cannot call this excessive, nor be shocked, because this is Kanye West we are talking about. Yesus.

So here it is. Some of the best parts of the speech that King Kanye -- the glorious groom, husband of Kim, and newest Kardashian family member -- gave.

They feel like it's okay to put you on the tabloid covers to sell your image, to use you in an SNL spoof. We don't negotiate. We're not like that. We're not stupid.

The Kardashians are an industry!

We are warriors! There is not one person at this table that has not had to defend us at some point or another. At this table ... the combination of powers ... can make the world a better place.

[Kim is the] ideal celebrity...the ideal art.

He's praising guests, praising his new family, praising his blushing bride. Kanye also mentioned "spending every single day of [his] life with Kim. He made sweet remarks to her, smiling, eyes twinkling, and then said "It's amazing to look around this room; there are so many talented people." Kim added, "And beautiful people." (Of course she did.) Kanye's response: "Yeah, but Kim's way more beautiful than I am talented."

I'm melting.

It was big -- Kanye goes big. Yes, Yezzy, yes! It was emotional and heartfelt and moving. It was exactly what a speech at a wedding should be. Sure, maybe some would call it pompous and maybe even get turned off by the fact he called Kim an "ideal celebrity, the ideal art" but he of all people should believe that. It's clear he loves her, adores her, worships her. That's a beautiful thing and something we would all be lucky to experience from the one we love. Kanye ... maybe really is one of those ideal husbands. 

What do you think of Kanye's 20-minute speech? Too much? Love him more?


Image via Kanye West/Instagram

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Torra... TorranceMom

Yes Mr. West.  We know that Kim is beautiful - you've made that abundantly clear on numerous occasions and we agree with you wholeheartedly.  However, excluding her mind numbing good looks, her wealth and her "celebrity power," is there anything else about this woman that made you want to marry her?  Is she kind to others?  Is she generous with her time?  Is she a good mother to your child?  Does she make you laugh?  Anything?

flowe... flowerfunleah

I think his speech sounds incredibly narcissistic. 

nonmember avatar Sandra

So he became today Kardashian. I though that Kim became West. Now,we have KANYE KARDASHIAN. He became a JOKE.

nonmember avatar Sadie

I don't think it's sweet, kind of scary if you ask me.

nonmember avatar steele

What was on the menu for the wedding reception KFC and grape-drank?

nonmember avatar Delores

Both are self centered idiots that don't care about anyone but them selves

cherylam cherylam

These losers only want 'beautiful' & 'talented' people to be around them... why would anyone give a shit about people who so obviously only care about themselves? Mind numbing waste of space, this whole clan.

nonmember avatar Robin Winn

Mr. and Mrs. West. I must say, I'm proud for the both you. Build that family dynasty, do good for humanity. For all the haters, that hating. Peace!

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