Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Versailles Pre-Wedding Party Details (PHOTOS)

If Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's pre-wedding bash is any indication of what we can expect to see later on today at their actual wedding-wedding, well, hold on to your hats, folks, because the word "decadent" doesn't even begin to describe it.

The couple hosted an extravagant party last night for family and friends at the Palace of Versailles -- which I'm pretty sure doesn't rent out its historic, mind-numbingly gorgeous grounds to just anyone. Here are all the details from the night.

Guests were greeted at the palace's golden gates by men on horseback and were handed glasses of Ace of Spades champagne. They were then escorted on a private tour of the beautiful grounds.

As you may recall from reading Kim and Kanye's wedding invitation, everyone was kept in the dark about the wedding weekend to end all wedding weekends, so guests didn't have a clue where they were heading after the couple's pre-wedding brunch at designer Valentino's home. I'm guessing quite a few jaws dropped when their personal chaffeurs stopped in front of Versailles and they learned the black tie bash was going to take place in the stunning Hall of Mirrors:

As they waited for singer Lana Del Rey to perform, magician David Blaine wowed everyone with card tricks and guests were treated to a gushing Kanye, who reportedly shared several sweet stories about Kim. At one point, he even proclaimed she was "way more beautiful" than he is "talented."


So, what was everyone wearing? Well, Kim was dressed to the nines in a white satin gown (love it when brides-to-be wear white at pre-wedding parties), and her sisters and mom didn't look too shabby, either.

The night ended with an elaborate fireworks display outside the palace. Guessing most guests retreated back to their hotels so they could get some shut-eye and be as pretty and fresh as daisies for the main event today: Kim and Kanye's Italian wedding! Can't wait to see what they have in store for us.

What do you think about Kim and Kanye's Palace of Versailles pre-wedding bash?


Images via privategg/Instagram, rachel_roy/Instagram



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javak... javakitty2011

seriously ugly dress she is wearing.  Beautiful venue

nonmember avatar Emily

So is he saying she's ugly because he is not talented what so ever

Punch... Punchyobuns

That dress... In public? On your wedding day? In front of your family? Yeesh.

kayle... kayleesmom42328

She looks like she belongs on a street corner! That whole family is just trashy!

Marina Margiotta

I like the white dress it looks sleek and sexy I would wear it and the family in the pic looks great the leather jacket thou should go come on wear that at a pre wedding dinner like really

nonmember avatar beverly

Hattas always have something to say. I give tha up most respect to tha whole family. This is reality ppl. Its their special event. They wear wut they please it didnt cost any of us a damn dollar. And i bet her dress alone cost more than wut we have n our closets...... they dont need no validations.... theyre all some badass bitches!! Nd tha world needs to quit hatting!!! They got it all! I love yall family.........

latashac latashac

I love the dress. She looks great in almost anything she wears. Hate all you want but you cannot deny that just because you may not agree with things she does. She is married and has a baby now and she is certainly doing well for herself.

nonmember avatar katherine

i guess she wore this dress because it is compatible with kanye's outfit--not very regal looking for palace entertaining though

nonmember avatar katherine

not suitable attire for palace entertaining

Pani Maria Manawatu

What a bunch of haters, poor pathetic souls must be so sad with themselves, and might I add "jealous" much.

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