Mackenzie Douthit Reveals Way Too Much About Her Sex Life With Josh

Mackenzie Douthit and Josh McKee

Wow. Most women aren't afraid to dish about their sex life (or lack thereof) with their girlfriends, but wait until you hear just how candid Mackenzie Douthit is on Twitter about the things she and Josh McKee do in the privacy of their own home.

Obviously baby Jaxie must be sleeping fairly well these days, because the two of them have more than enough time to get a little creative when it comes to their sex life.

Are you ready to see this tweet? Brace yourself -- because you won't be able to un-see this image once it's in your brain.

Damn. And I'm sure we can all assume exactly what the naked gutair guitar playing led to. (Ahem.)

Sheesh. Young love sure is something else, isn't it? I mean, I know every couple has their thing, but having your man serenade you in the buff seems like a scene straight out of ... a reality show. (Huh?)

And while most of us wouldn't be willing to divulge such personal information on Twitter, more power to Mackenzie for being so turned on by her man that she wants to shout it from the rooftops.

Something tells me he probably doesn't mind.

Do you think Mackenzie shared too much information?


Image via Instagram

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Amanda Rocha

Wait? thats the big woah?! Honestly maybe she was sharing to much but then again maybe she is just really proud of her sexy man doing things like that for her. Sometimes we over share but its not like she posted a pic of it. I honestly thought there was gonna be a bigger "scoop" than just her sharing he played guitar naked. Meh guess its just me though.

MomBre22 MomBre22

Once again this title is so dumb. So what if she shared that? Its her life so leave her be. They are married and happy so I'm happy for them. They are pratically the only couple who got married from teen mom. more power to them.

nonmember avatar Avery'smommy

This is nowhere near TMI, she doesn't have a picture, TMI would be her going into graphic detail about what there doing in bed, you people overreact about the smallest things!

Joe Scott

I think you have too much time on your hands. Try to find something to do....


Joe Scott

I wrote two songs for my woman not because i had to but, because they just came out of me, and i wanted to share them with her and the world to show everyone how much i love my wife. Everyone should sing naked weather if you can or not, its fun lol . Ever sing in the shower? loosen up and try it some time . And consider youself lucky if you find a man that plays and sings for you naked because that shows how much he loves you and only you trust me on that one. take care.

lunaC71 lunaC71

Are you kidding me? TMI??? Playing guitar naked? OMG this is not a story, this is not news, this is BORING! It is sad what this site allows on here. So far it's been either boring or is so inaccurate the facts don't line up. Ugh!

nonmember avatar fallenfromgrace

Everybody has somethin to say about the most trivial of things. If this bothers you then perhaps you should stay away from the internet.

Ashley Boerner

oooh wow so impressive you really need to find better things to write about.


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