How 'RHONY's Kristen Taekman Has Become Her Own Worst Enemy (VIDEO)

Hoo boy!! If you watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Husbands Revealed this week, you're not alone. The husbands walloped their wives in the post-season ratings, and I'm not surprised; getting the husbands together to dish about their wives and the production was MUCH more fun than watching Kenya Moore make snide comments. And do you believe The Real Housewives of New York City? Is Kristen Taekman ever going to let anything go? Did she make you miss Aviva Drescher? I give you my behind-the-scenes strategy play-by-play in the Ramona Singer vs. Kristen battle.

Apollo Nida and Peter Thomas were the stars of the Husbands show, and I'm not the only one wanting more of these specials. BUT ... in today's exclusive video below, I detail why it ONLY works in one city. Watch and tell me whether you agree ...

Orange County was in repeats this week, so let's skip over to New York City where Kristen feels it's not enough to extract an apology; she needs to make her opponent bleed, whether it's her husband or her castmate. I discuss what she might have been thinking, both emotionally and as it relates to her performance on the show.

And Ramona. Oh, Ramonacoaster. What do cast members do when they are trying to hoodwink a Housewife with years more experience under her belt? Is it even possible?? I detail HER probable strategy and give you my opinion as to who won the battle, if not the war.

Finally this week, I have a project for you. If Bravo made a Husbands' All Stars Special, whom would you want to hear from? Give me your suggestions in the comments below!

Who is your favorite Real Housewives husband?

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nonmember avatar sandy

I enjoy Terry, from RHOOC. I also like Todd (RHOA). Overall, it's always interesting to hear their perspectives on their own and their wives' behavior. Kristen? Gotta say, I think she's holding her own pretty well: Ramona needs to know she can't harm someone and expect all to be forgiven immediately. (Ramona seems dangerously close to getting into Jill Zarin-style unreliability territory.)

nonmember avatar Brenda

I think it would be so much fun to see a Simon Barney, Donn Gunvalson, Eddie Judge and Brooks Ayers special! Total fantasy I know - would never happen, but it would be entertaining to hear what they'd have to say about each other and thoughts about Vicki/Tamra!

Diana Guenzler

There's nothing wrong with Kristen. She's on a show, Alex got canned! We hate the jerk, Ramona!

nonmember avatar El

Would love to see Mario squirm on a House Husband show.

nonmember avatar MonetMarie

I like Kristen. She stands up for herself and if she's not ready for Ramona's pseudo apology, who can blame her? Ramona's been targeting her all season and it's impressive that she has kept her cool. No one misses Aviva.

nonmember avatar Cogentiva

This was a shameful, woman-hating video from first to last. Alex is like a boy-crazy high school girl. It's not just that she continues to defend her own insufferable husband, she defends the most misogynistic of the men. Jealous of Kristen much?

Ben Wenton

I respect that you need to do this for a living, and I think your commentary, given the absurdity of the subject, is far better than most, but as someone who watched some of the Housewives Series for a few years (RHONY, RHOBH and RHONJ), I find myself unable to watch any now. These women are foul, crude, uneducated, vulgar and act no better than 16 year olds (and there are many 16 year olds who act better).
As for Ramona, she is a sick woman, really not hinged on correctly, and she is a mean-spirited woman with an ugly arrogance typical of dumb people with money. I watched RHONY over a number of years, and her humiliating interviews with job candidates at her low end overstock business office, her arrogance about the yucky "poverty" in Marrakech, he arrogance about Brooklyn...all that from an uneducated, primitive woman, and her inane cohorts, has led me to drop viewing these embarrassments.
Again, its fine that you need to do this for a living, and you do it well and with some fun, but these women are embarrassing to our culture and I think sometimes you get sucked into all this and lose sight of how awful it is.

nonmember avatar AHorticulture

I really enjoy these videos, it's a shame they aren't longer. Also a podcast would be nice, so that I could listen to your commentary while I was cleaning the house and filing papers in the office. I completely agreed with you about the Kristen vs her husband fight. Particularly considering how expensive even their sterile Tribeca rental apartment is much less their entire lifestyle costs, why would you want your husband to step away from their business duties mid-day like that? When my man has to work long hours to support our lifestyle I don't complain about it, I make sure he has nutritious food to eat, a clean home to rest and relax in, and a fit body to sleep in bed with at night.
About the dream husbands special cast, mine would be Terry Dubrow from OC (love his sense of humor), Ken Todd from BH (what a supportive and loving husband!) , Kingsely Richards from BH (just kidding!), Bobby Zarin from NY (he really seemed like such a sweet man consistently through the seasons), Todd Tucker from ATL, (he can put a sentence together above a kindergarden education level), Roy Black from MIA, and Michael Ohoven from BH (he came off like a true continental gentleman in my eyes).

nonmember avatar Ana Rivera

It seem like you're biased against Kristen. I don't think she was making unfair demands. It's normal to want your partner to be equally invested in your children's well-being, like you and Simon are, even more so when there's developmental issues. Kristen scheduled the therapy session according to Josh's convinience, so one would expect him to have the time to participate. I'm sure he loves his wife and kids dearly but he really says hurtful things whenever Kristen is trying to open up to him. If he wants her to be more understanding of his job he needs to be more sensitive to her needs.
Regarding Ramona, I would've accepted the apologies...but I've never had an adult hurl stuff at my face. I think Kristen is standing her ground and demanding respect. Honestly she reminds me of how you stood up to Jill and Luann when they were mean to you. I've noticed that in almost every episode this season someone (Aviva, Ramona or Sonja) tries to silence Kristen, she has no right to speak, she has no opinions, she should not get involved. I recall reading that while filming she wasn't officially a housewife yet, they were sort of testing her out. I think Ramona wanted to make her come off as boring and keep her as an outsider. I guess she got angry because it didn't work and her violent reactions only made Kristen more relevant to the season.

Cynth... Cynthia.B

I have enjoyed the show more without Aviav,her Dad is a disgusting bug that should just die! I might not watch the next episode. 

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