Brody Jenner Disses Kim Kardashian in a Major Way

Brody Jenner, Kim KardashianWord on the streets (OK, in the gossip columns) is that Kim Kardashian's stepbrother Brody Jenner will be a no-show to Kim's second wedding of the century. He's supposedly skipping the May 24 event in Paris, France Florence, Italy, where Kim will bind herself to Kanye West until death parts them (or divorce court, let's be honest), because his girlfriend wasn't invited.

Apparently Kaitlynn Carter, whom the reality star has been dating for seven months, wasn't worthy of a plus-one on Brody's invitation. Multiple sources confirmed the slight to Us Weekly, while also confirming that his brother Brandon and his wife Leah Jenner will be in attendance.

Geez, no wonder Brody has a contentious relationship with the Kardashian women. Despite his inclusion in the recent family vacay to Thailand (where Kim was attacked by a baby elephant -- never forget), it seems like all those old issues haven't been completely swept under the rug.

It's rumored that Brody only recently joined the cast of Keeping Up With the Kardashians because he didn't get to see enough of his dad Bruce Jenner. He supposedly blames Kris for the distant relationship with his dad growing up, because she dominated his time and attention. Now who in their right mind could believe Kris Jenner to be so high maintenance? Haha, just kidding. True or not, that's actually pretty believable.

Besides, we already know Brody has a problem with Kris Jenner's materialism, so why should he go out of his way to attend what will probably be one of the most ostentatious events of the decade? Especially when they couldn't even be bothered to include his girlfriend? 

Brody might be dissing Kim and Kanye by skipping their wedding, but I say he got dissed first.

Do you think Brody should go to the wedding anyway just because they're family?


Image via Brody Jenner/Instagram



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nonmember avatar sandy

I couldn't agree more: The first and only show of disrespect was to Brody, from Kim and Kanye. We can be pretty sure that the expense or space concern of adding another guest was not the issue. So, what else is there but some personal jab at Brody? Kim and Kanye can say, "Hey, we invited him!" Honestly, though, what person with a serious girl- or boyfriend should be expected to attend a wedding solo? Absurd. I think that plus-ones should be to all or no guests; picking and choosing only leads to hurt feelings. Ultimately, I like that Brody stood by his gal, a sign of respect not shown to him by his stepsister.

nonmember avatar wicked

Brody Jenner is a bigger b-oytch than the Kardashian Sisters. This guy is a dog! He goes through girlfriends as often as I change my boxers. ( everyday, thank you very much). Brody is a whinny, angry at the world, loser and although I am not a Kardashian fan, right is right. Brody had dissed Kim's Mom and has blamed her for Bruce Jenner's abandonment. Bruce was a complete arsehole regarding his X Wife, Linda Thompson for years! Brody is a punk, I know this personally. He will not go. Even if Kim & Kayne gave him a plus one he would find a reason to bitch and play martyr..

I am not a Kim/ Kayne fan.( I find them both vile ego centric self absorbed fame whores who actually deserve each other.) However, it is Kim & Kayne's wedding and they have their reasons or it may be an over sight. Whatever, it is their fricken wedding and who is Brody fricken Jenner dictate how anyone plans their wedding, anyway? He should be happy that he was invited at all since he had attacked the Ladies of Kardashian including Kris. Seriously, dude. Grow up and stfu Loser!

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