'I Wanna Marry 'Harry'' Recap: Girls Are Only After Royalty & Money

i wanna marry harry

It's the old dream, or fairy tale, if you will: all ladies want to marry a prince and to have a posh life while living in a castle, surrounded by dozens of staff. And for FOX, it's a perfect opportunity to dupe a dozen American 20-something women into thinking their dreams are coming true.

Meet Matt Hicks. He's poor and can't afford a car, so he borrows his friend's bike to get to work cleaning up oil spills. But he's a 98 percent facial recognition match for Prince Harry. So naturally, he's the star of I Wanna Marry 'Harry' and his sole job is to trick his 12 potential love interests that he is the spare heir to the British throne. And in tonight's premiere episode, we learned just how foolish the ladies are.

'Harry' starts his stint with a crash course about everything Prince Harry-related. He's showered with a castle, servants, etiquette lessons, and around-the-clock protection. Anything to make him seem believable.

The ladies, on the other hand, are led to believe that they're coming from America to enter a dating show. Their boyfriend-to-be? Well, he's anonymous.

As the contestants arrive, fawning over the Downton Abbey-like structure, the cattiness immediately begins. And we learn that each one of them is mostly concerned with finding a rich, studly, and preferably royal bloke. In other words, they're perfect for the show.

Important to note: the oldest woman is 25, and she's dubbed the 'oldie' of the group. So don't expect too much as far as maturity.

But the party begins quickly. 'Harry' sends all the ladies gowns (a la Bachelor-style) and they all prepare for the evening's masquerade ball, during which the prince also remains cloaked. Kingston, the prince's personal butler, announces that after the festivities, one woman will be eliminated, and another will be given the keys to the crown suite and have the chance to talk further with the man of the hour.

One by one, they each have individual time with the royal, and instantly, the differences are noticeable. He's sweating profusely, terrified of dropping too many hints, and refuses to immediately state his name, job, or give away too many incriminating details. Any red flags, ladies? Any at all? At least Meghan seems to be suspicious.

But it seems that the girls don't really don't care. "Prince Harry, Harry Potter," it doesn't matter, according to Meghan herself. High standards, clearly. Plus, after he remarks that American girls don't have indoor voices and another one gets, ahem, sloshed (picking up my British slang there, eh?), he eliminates Leah, who seemed entirely too disinterested in him.

Rose, meanwhile, is the most brazen and loud of the bunch, receives the key to the suite, and prepares to spend more time with her princely boo. But as the winner of the evening, she's instantly targeted. Best of luck, girl. Please don't get too far in the way of the girls' fairy tale pursuits.

Did you agree with "Harry"s choices? Would you have believed it was really Prince Harry?


Image via Chris Raphael/FOX

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nonmember avatar Oops

You praise Meghan for being suspicious, and in the very next line, you mock "Prince Harry, Harry Potter, it doesn't matter", a line read by Meghan herself. Weak sauce. Go to bed. Try again in the morning.

nonmember avatar megan

...nothing wrong with that.

everyone on that show is dumb, it's great lol

nonmember avatar wicked

I am home recovering from a accident injury.I have been couch ridden for a few weeks now, thus writing on these blogs, watching informative TV, reality TV, news.. With that being said, I just watched " I want to Marry Harry" on the tely's on demand feature. Personally,( being UK born and bred and sharing citizenship between the UK and the States for the last 20 years) not being a royal loyalist, I found this immensely entertaining! First of all, they found the most unrefined unpolished and obviously unworldly contestants they could find and set them up on a dating show. The premise although a tad bit tawdry is above board. They never suggested that the Girls were there to date Royalty ( are people actually, this naive and well, delusional? In a word, yes!) They clearly stated they were there to meet an eligible bachelor on go on wonderful dates. Where is the deception? The Lad, is an eligible bachelor and they are staying in posh accommodations, in the English Countryside and they are living quite well. P.T. Barnum wrote, " There is a sucker born every minute", Apparently these girls are whom Barnum is referring to. These girls are on a mission to compete, period. The theatre of this production is subtle, tongue and cheeky and subjective. Basically, these girls believe what they want to believe. Oh, yes Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth just adores American Commoners.

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